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        Elinor Weekly Fishing Report Saturday 7th – Friday 14th March 2023

        86 Anglers caught 363 fish of which 288 fish were returned.

        Great start to the week for boatmen Keith Chapman, who took 15 on a washing line and season ticket holder Matt Skinner, who had 14 on yellow owls and black CDC’s. The boat fishing has defiantly picked up as the fish have moved out into the deeper water, feeding on the abundance of olive and black buzzers that are hatching.

        On Sunday Elinor held the TEFF bank qualifiers match. We would like to thank Lee Cartmail for such a well-run match and the 19 competitors, who travelled far and wide to fish the last round of the small still-water eliminators. The gin clear water, coupled with the switch in wind direction and general fishing pressure on the bank, made the match hard going. Anglers had to catch early on and make every fish stick because the afternoon session was very tough. Floating lines, damsels, top hats, CDC dries, buzzers and worms under a bung were pretty much order of the day. Congratulations to Dave Franklin for winning the heat and to the 8 qualifiers. The final score was 32 fish with a rod average of 1.6. Good luck to those in the final at Chatton on 30th April; we have been informed Graham Willis will be taking last place as Mark Miles can’t now make the final.

        For the rest of the week fishing proved difficult due to the strong winds, although season ticket holder Clive Trundle had a great day on the bank of Good Fellow Bay on Thursday, taking 18 and a rainbow of 6.4lb – fishing black and olive buzzers with a orange fab on the point; and on Friday season ticket holder Jimmy Thompson also had a good day on the bank of Good Fellow Bay taking 11.

        The forecast is looking better this week and here at Elinor we are certainly looking forward to a bit of decent warmer weather!

        Best Fish
        6.4lb Clive Trundle – Black Buzzer
        6lb Ross Lathane – Hitchin
        6lb Darren Oram – Diawl Bach
        6lb Colin Tilley – Mkt Harborough – Orange fab
        5.6lb Jimmy Thomson
        5.8lb (Brown) Mr Stroud -Peterborough
        5.2lb John Grey Black Buzzer

        Best Patterns
        White/green lures, yellow dancer, black/green lures, blue flash damsel red apps, green apps, red/black diawl bach, bloodworms, olive or black buzzers, black crunchers, dry shipman’s, black crippled midge, foam daddy’s, black olive CDC , yellow owls, black hoppers and red hoppers.

        Best Areas
        Bank- Shallow Bay, Gravel Bar, boat bay, dam, Brookside – Brookside Point
        Boat- Gravel bar, Shallow Bay, Lagoon, Brookside – Brookside Bay

        Water Temp – 13.5 degrees
        Next Stocking – Friday 21st April

        Please be aware the sheep are back in the field all gates must be closed and dogs to be kept on leads – thank you for your co-operation.

        One of Keith Chapman’s 15 fish bag on Saturday – fishing the washing line over the deep water down the middle.

        Congratulations to the top 8 qualifiers for Sunday’s TEFF bank eliminator!

        John Grey’s 5.2lb caught on a black buzzer in front of the middle pylon.

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