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    Welcome to the Elinor Fishing Report

    March 18th – 24th

    270 anglers caught 1231 fish of which 914 were returned.

    Best Fish
    8lb 2oz Mel Dunn, Eye, damsel
    7lb 2oz Chris Redhead, Whittlesey, black buzzer, boat
    7lb 0oz George Brock, Corby, bloodworm
    6lb 5oz Alan Rennocks, Kettering, olive buzzer, boat
    6lb 5oz Dan Roberts, Rushden, bloodworm, boat
    6lb 3oz Jim Nixon, Kettering, black buzzer
    6lb 2oz Mr McNamara, Peterborough, boat
    6lb 1oz Dave McEwan, Sandy, red apps
    6lb 0oz Mr Wenman
    6lb 0oz Ivor Fisher, Peterborough, black buzzer, boat
    5lb 14oz Steve Johnson, Raunds, neon buzzer, boat
    5lb 14oz Dave Rowell, Peterborough, black buzzer, boat
    5lb 10oz Dave Rowell, Peterborough, boat
    5lb 8oz Ryan Quinn, Corby, blueflash damsel, boat
    5lb 8oz Nigel Cheetham, Thrapston, damsel, boat
    5lb 8oz Lazloe Boden, Rothwell, hothead damsel, boat

    Saturday March 23rd
    Invicta Fly Fishers held their Norman Shipley Memorial bank match.
    A bright day with an overnight change in the wind direction made bank fishing difficult.
    20 anglers caught 53 fish.
    1. Steven Brennan 10 fish
    2= Paul Heavens 6 fish
    2= Mark Searle 6 fish
    2= Graham Bodsworth 6 fish
    5= Gary How 4 fish
    5= Tony Smith 4 fish

    March 25th – 31st

    259 anglers caught 1033 fish of which 905 were returned

    Best Fish
    8lb 4oz Mick Moseley, Rushden, white/green lure, boat
    8lb 1oz Steve Quartley, North London, black buzzer, boat
    7lb 6oz Rob Edmunds, Thrapston
    7lb 3oz Steve Quartley, North London, black buzzer, boat
    7lb 2oz Shane Else, Northampton, damsel booby, boat
    6lb 4oz Chris Redhead, Whittlesey, black buzzer, boat
    6lb 2oz Chris Redhead, Whittlesey, black buzzer, boat
    5lb 6oz Mr Bayford, Keyston, black/green snake, boat
    5lb 5oz Liam Johnson, Rushden, boat

    Best Areas
    Bank – most areas holding fish
    Boat – west arm, east arm, dam

    Best Patterns
    black or olive buzzer, damsel, bloodworm, tequila blob, hares ear, red diawl bach

    A busy couple of weeks at Elinor. On warmer days there have been some great buzzer hatches with sizes ranging from 16s – 10s.
    Bank fisherman found it more difficult on bright days in the clear water but had good sport in overcast light winds.
    The west arm is holding big numbers of fish with washing line the best method over the shallower water. The rest of the lake has seen fish feeding deeper with damsels and buzzers fished 8- 12 foot down getting the big bags.
    On most evenings there has been an evening rise to small hatching buzzers. If the wind drops there was a spectacular rise. Small shipmans or cdc in darker shades proved effective.

    March 30 & 31 Iain Barr World Bankmasters
    50 anglers fished the singles event with competitors from Belgium, Norway and Finland up against UK anglers. The whole lake was pegged with anglers fishing 11 sessions of 30 minutes and doing a complete circuit. Bright sunshine and calm conditions prevailed for most of the match.
    Dan Swales put in a fantastic performance to catch 15 fish off 9 of his pegs using damsels on an intermediate or a chamois worm under an indicator to scoop £1100.00 with the top 10 all receiving cash.
    1. Dan Swales 15 fish off 9 = 24 points
    2. James Stephenson 15 off 7 = 22pts
    3. Rob Edmunds 13 off 8 = 21 pts
    4. Andrew Scott 13 off 7 = 20pts
    5. Dave Nielsen 11 off 7 = 18pts
    6. Dean Appleby 16pts
    7. Pete Appleby 15pts
    8. Graham Willis 12pts
    9. Glenn Appleby 12 pts
    10. Christian Jadoille 10pts

    Sunday 31st saw 17 pairs compete. The wind changed to a brisk NE with an extra three layers of clothing required. 10 sessions of 30 minutes.
    Damsels, buzzers and assorted worms fished deep and slow did the damage.
    1. Rob Edmunds/Andrew Scott 15 fish from 11 pegs = 26 points
    2. Anthony Meadows/David Nielson 16 off 9 = 25pts
    3. Dean Appleby/Craig Crompton 15 off 8 = 23pts
    4. Glenn Appleby/Pete Appleby 12 from 10 = 22pts
    5. Mark Haycock/Phil Shaw-Browne 12 from 8 = 20pts

    Next Stocking
    April 5th

    Elinor Trout Fishery
    Lowick Road, Aldwincle, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN14 3EE.
    Telephone: 01832 720786 | Email: [email protected]

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