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        June 19th – 25th

        96 anglers caught 218 fish of which 157 fish were returned.

        Best Fish
        6lb 12oz Reg Hawes, Sandy, cruncher, boat
        5lb 9oz Julian Laybourn, Lincs, damsel, boat
        4lb 6oz Tony Gill, Lincs, s14 buzzer, boat

        Best Areas
        Bank – east arm, gravel bar, dam
        Boat – pylon point, east arm, down middle

        Best Patterns
        Damsel nymph, dry damsel, daddy, bloodworm, red cruncher/diawl Bach, tequila blob/booby.

        Last weeks hot weather slowed the fishing markedly especially for bank anglers. A few boat anglers did well by fishing deeper down the middle. 5 anglers from Lincolnshire police fished on Thursday when the water was still very warm and did extremely well to catch 31 fish with Tony Gill winning easily with 18 fish.
        Alan Rennocks didn’t let the hot weather deter him and caught a total of 38 fish in 3 boat trips.
        The cooler weather is finally helping the bank fishing with the first signs of life on Monday this week. Colin Ashpole 7, Paul Laundon 7 and Brian King 10 all did well with most fish taking dries.
        The continuing lower temperatures and a double stocking this week should keep sport lively.

        Next Stocking
        June 26th, 30th


        Mid week boat winner Barry Cross.

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