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    May 29th – June 4th

    187 anglers caught 707 fish of which 531 were returned

    Best Fish
    8lb 1oz Matt Tuck, Yelling, black buzzer, boat
    7lb 10oz Steve Freeman, St Neots, fraser nymph
    6lb 2oz John Oram, Desborough, boat
    5lb 8oz Bob Pittman, Daventry, candy fab, boat
    5lb 6oz Steve Freeman, St Neots, fraser nymph

    Best Areas
    Bank – east arm, dam, gravel bar
    Boat – pylon point, east arm, down middle

    Best Patterns
    damsel, fraser nymph, red cruncher/diawl bach, olive cdc, black or brown hopper, tequila/candy fab

    Thurs, Frid, Sat were particularly difficult days with hot weather although the rest of the week produced good results for both bank and boat anglers.
    Plenty of fish taking damsels with an olive cdc working. Boat anglers fishing deeper down the middle have found fish easier to tempt than the surface feeders.
    If all else fails try pulling a tequila fab/booby or a snake across them!
    Prospects are better this week with cooler temperatures.

    Next Stocking
    June 9th

    Sunday 4th Scierra pairs heat
    6 pairs caught 33 fish
    The winners were England Youth team members Daniel Tranter and Ben Fox who caught their 12 fish limit at 1.40pm anchored off pylon point using Di5 sweep lines with two boobies and a nymph in between.

    1. Daniel Tranter/Ben Fox 12 fish (1.40pm) 25lb 3oz + 6lb 8oz time bonus = 31lb 11oz
    2. Scott Bowman/Mike Brassett 12 fish (4.48pm) 22lb 4oz
    3. Shane Else/Jason Cooke 2 fish 5lb 12oz
    4. Richard Winser/Phillips Dowsett 3 fish 5lb 8oz
    5. Rosemary Gunn/Kevin Saxton 3 fish 4lb 14oz
    6. David Winser/Walter Haddow 1 fish 1lb 12oz

    Biggest Fish
    Ben Fox 3lb 14oz
    Shane Else 3lb 12oz

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