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    Two weeks, September 4th – 17th.

    4th – 10th

    109 anglers caught 323 fish of which 209 were returned.

    Best Fish
    5lb 10oz John Oram, Desborough, red diawl bach, boat
    4lb 9oz Dave Crowhurst, Wellingborough, red cruncher
    Brown 4lb 10oz John Wildman, Peterborough, red diawl bach

    11th – 17th

    116 anglers caught 516 fish of which 378 were returned

    Best Fish
    9lb 2oz Darren Oram, Aldwincle, candy blob, boat
    7lb 4oz Darren Oram, Aldwincle, candy blob, boat
    5lb 8oz Lazloe Bowden, Northampton, muddler, boat
    5lb 8oz Mike Bownes, Wilsthorpe, Shipman’s
    5lb 4oz Shane Else, Northampton, boat
    5lb 3oz Darren Oram, Aldwincle, red diawl bach
    5lb 0oz Dean Yearsley, Northampton, black buzzer, boat
    5lb 0oz Voldemar Rumbahs, Corby, white/green lure, boat
    + a further 14 fish over 4lb

    Best Areas
    Bank – dam, lodge bank, gravel bar, east arm
    Boat – most areas holding fish

    Best Patterns
    Damsel nymph, fraser nymph, grhe, red diawl bach, black buzzer with orange cheeks, wet daddy, white/green lures, candy or tequila blob.

    The rod average rose to 4.4 last week with a combination of cooler and much clearer water switching the fish on the feed.
    On cloudy days anglers are having good sport pulling flies through the surface like muddlers, daddies and blobs.
    Dries doing well in calmer conditions.
    Fish are well spread around the lake with most areas producing, especially the lodge end now.
    Plenty of resident 3lb + fish are being caught. 22 fish over 4lb last week.
    Hopefully there will be some crane flies on the water soon to keep the fish on the top.

    Next Stocking
    September 22nd & 27th

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