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    TF_caster rob

    Apparently, they suffer from the delusion that their activities are
    “enhancing our rivers to support angling.”


    You just can’t have too many otter platforms.

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    Hi Rob, Hope you are well mate!

    This seems like a slide to the ‘left’ (which I wholeheartedly support! 🙂 ).

    To be fair, the axe is falling on everyone whilst the rich get richer. 80% of people probably don’t care as to the state of the water courses and the fish therein.

    Fuel doubled, food going that way yet wages, in real terms for most, going the other way.

    I’m sure it will get worse before it ever gets better.

    I’ve lost your number by the way, if you could give me a call on 07875 815974 I’d appreciate it.

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    Left or right it makes no difference, as a country we are skint and mortgaged to the hilt. Future generations are going to be worse off. Public sector in future will be much smaller.
    Open borders is driving down wage rates for the low paid and this will just get worse when the next two comparatively poor countries join in the queue to come here in January.
    I have no confidence that any of our political elite understand what is going on so expect we will see saw between more debt and austerity until I expire.
    On the fishing side my local canal is full of immigrants with double figure rods out and BBQ lit ready. No one is available to help when anglers complain, the police wont come as they are too busy, EA likewise, I could go on.
    Anyone expecting improvements from government is going to have a long wait.
    The EA like the rest of the public sedtor is being subjected to a long overdue haircut.
    Just noticed the fire fighters are on strike, yesterday it was the Universities. The miners were out for a year and all the pits closed, the car workers used to be on strike because the tea boiler broke, all their factories have gone too.Why dont people learn??
    Education is the only way out of being poor unless you can win the lottery.

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