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        Victoria Products League Round Two

        News of ice on the canal caused a few late dropouts so just 16 anglers fished round two of the Victoria Products League on Sunday the 5th of February. Some pegs had over an inch of ice to break before they could setup and it effected the sport overall with no skimmers showing and the majority of anglers having to scratch a few small roach.

        The match was fished around from Manley bridge and winner on the day was Wayne Mitchell (Team Jinx) who took home £55 with a £122 bonus for holding his nerve on the golden peg three. Wayne fished down the track on punch catching small roach from the start to the end with a total weight of 1kg 400gr. He caught the majority of his fish off the bottom and on the drop only having to fish the deck towards the end when his bites tailed off. Second on the day and straight back in form after not fishing a match in over a year was Dave Pulman from peg 4. He totalled 900 grams of small roach caught on the punch to win £35 but couldn’t keep them coming like Wayne. Third on the day from favoured end peg 17 was Zac Newton (Team ALS) taking home £24 and 10 league points for his catch of 870 grams. He caught his fish half was across in the deepest water on punch except for one bonus 4oz perch towards the far bank on a worm segment. Section A was taken by default by Andy Bulled from peg 5, his catch of 620 grams winning £15 and 6 league points. Keith Carpenter took the other section with his catch of 410 grams from peg 11.

        Victoria Products League Standing: 1st Wayne Mitchell, Team Jinx, 8.400kg, 18pts; 2nd Zac Newton, Team ALS, 8.570kg, 16pts; 3rd Gary Thornton, Team ALS, 12.950kg, 14pts; 4th Mark Whetnall, Team Jinx, 4.110kg, 12pts; 5th Brian Sussex, Exeter, 7.900kg, 10pts; 6th Roly Palmer, Team Jinx, 7.090kg, 10pts; 7th Eddie Evans, Team Jinx, 10.000kg, 8pts; 8th Paul Marks, Exeter Angling Centre, 3.540kg, 8pts; 9th Dave Pulman, Exeter, 0.900kg, 8pts; 10th Keith Carpenter, Exeter, 0.410kg, 8pts

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