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        Sixteen anglers an open competition on the Match Lake at Goodiford Mill in Cullompton on Sunday the 22nd of January. With another club having booked pegs 1 through to 16 the match was fished from peg 18 through to 37 so everyone was curious to see how the second bay from 28 onwards would fish because it isn’t normally used in competitions. During the match blustery winds made presentation and feeding hard again this week with the light quality very low seeing the bites was even more difficult.

        In the end the higher numbers gave the better fishing with Zac Newton (Team ALS) taking the win and £70 1st prize for his catch of 27lb from peg 34. He fished the waggler short of the bar in 5 1/2 foot of water catching roach to 1lb on caster over loosefed caster, his catch included a perch of well over a pound a couple of skimmers and some quality rudd. Second on the day continuing his good start to the year was Brian Sussex from peg 36. He took home £45 for his weight of 18lb 8oz which was predominately roach caught on the long pole. Steve Hayman came third taking home £25 for catching 16lb 8oz from peg 30. At times Steve caught skimmers regularly fishing 4mm expander pellet but struggled to keep them coming and had to alternate his lines when the light quality made it difficult.

        After the top three the weights were close for the rest of the field proving how fair of a venue Goodiform Mill is with everyone getting plenty of bites despite the time of year and weather conditions. Full Result:1st Zac Newton, Team ALS, 27lb 0oz; 2nd Brian Sussex, Exeter, 18lb 8oz; 3rd Steve Hayman, Exeter, 16lb 8oz; 4th Roy Frith, Exeter, 11lb 14oz; 5th Gary Thornton, Team ALS, 11lb 4oz; 6th Ade Croft, Exeter, 11lb 0oz; 7th Eddie Evans, Team Jinx, 10lb 12oz; 8th Mark Whetnall, Team Jinx, 10lb 0oz; 9th Keith Carpenter, Exeter, 9lb 4oz; 10th Roly Palmer, Team Jinx, 9lb 4oz; 11th Andy Bulled, Exeter, 8lb 12oz; 12th Wayne Mitchell, Team Jinx, 6lb 4oz; 13th Darren Lawrence, Paignton, 5lb 12oz; 14th Dave Walton, Exeter, 4lb 8oz

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          wish i had gone today, but looks good for next weeks match at the same place. just hope the weather dont spoil it.

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