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    falling numbers in festivals and commercial matches
    come on !! Angling Times what side of the fence are sitting on a couple of weeks ago you reported ANGLING IS TOO CHEAP!! it must go up in line with other sports
    angling is still a working class sport bar a very lucky few. most fishermen have had there pockets felt one way or another job losses cut backs keeping the family above the waterline,recession hit britain the string are having to be pulled in numbers are going to fall. sponsorship for festivals has fallen again due to financial climate its effecting every corner of this country.
    i feel for kristy and the white acres team and the same with the lindholme fisheryyou can’t get better fisheries, BUT i feel there very own success could be a little down fall in numbers lindholme runs matches most days,a lot of anglers watch the results and very often the same names are in the frame this isn’t a dig at anyone or any angler.but the average angler will look at this and feel because he can now only fish say one day a week saturday or sunday his money is tight he thinks straight away i can’t compete [thisis not just about lindholme its about a lot of commercials and i’m only saying my thoughts]against these anglers i’m sure the fishery said the club side numbers are fine and i can see why to a point.
    white acres again seasoned anglers return every year to the big festivals BUT how many new faces are going at one time most would love to compete with the top boys but at the moment i think the value of there money in there pocket is far greater and will not commit. i only hope we can ride these hard times and it picks up for everyone

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    Years ago there were only a handful of festivals up and down the country, now, most commies have there own festivals so people dont have to travel the length and breadth of the country to find one. Some places have several festivals, and that is probably twice as many as they used to have. So is it really true that numbers are dropping off or is it just that the “Festival Pie” is bigger and more popular than its ever been but now its cut up into smaller pieces ?

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    Fishing can be cheap but the cost of competing in matches is high and will stop young anglers becoming match anglers….

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    The simple word for it is Saturation there loads more match fishing and festivals around now its just dispersed it.

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    some valid points however the festivals are full this year cos i cant get on!

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    Bram I think theres room on the Baittech and the Dynamite

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    Hereford and Burton are sell outs, but then they are on rivers!

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    was trying to get on the milo but now on the dynamite

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    Come to Ireland.

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    I will second that Cathal. The fishing is still good and the Guinness is even better.

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    I have fished the last 4 Milo festivals and everyone is full or there abouts, seems a popular festival, even more so now its been pushed back into May.

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    we are all slowly but surely being throttled.
    my biggest expense in fishing is PETROL.
    and the interest rates on your mortgage haven’t even started yet like they did in the 80s.

    there’ll be a lot more fishing tackle shops shutting down before this ones over


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