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    if you had to bye one feeder reel that can do everything you needed it to from chucking 1oz up to 4-5oz what would it be????



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    Daiwa TDR 3012

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    fisherman phil

    Preston PC-R 6000

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    Daiwa Caldia 4000

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    Daiwa Caldia 4000x.

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    @markt wrote:

    Daiwa Caldia 4000x.

    Same for me. 🙂 🙂

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    anyone got the the new daiwa tdr 4012 whats it like?? thanks for replys


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    Daiwa TDM 4012.brilliant reels alround,not just for feeder fishing.

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    @terrence22 wrote:

    Daiwa TDR 3012

    Same here, brilliant reels

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    Wouldn`t swap my Caldia 4000x for anything. By far the best reel around

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    Tdr without a doubt, used and abused for 5 years and look and work like new, one word -fantastic

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    How far do you want to cast?

    If you want to chuck 4-5oz any more than a 30-40 yard lob you’re going to want a proper big pit reel.

    I’ve got a pair of Caldias a pair of TDM’s, and I’ve just bought a pair of the new TDR’S, all 4000 sized.

    The Caldias I have set up permanently on a pair of rods in a quiver for method fishing. Really nice.
    Up until Saturday I was using the TDM’s on the Yare. Going for a 60 turn chuck with a 2oz feeder, I had the bail arm shut on me three times, causing crack off. That’s a lot of Tourrettes I can tell you.
    Monday morning I go into Angling Direct. The new TDR’S HAVE A ‘break’ so that when you flick the bail arm over to cast, the handle becomes really stiff to turn. Hopefully that’ll alleviate the problem but I haven’t used them yet.
    I’m fishing Saturday and Sunday this week on there so they should get a thorough testing

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    Shimano Rarenium CI4 I use the 5000 series for the Tidal trent. I fish it 2-3 times a week regularly casting between 2 – 5oz 60-70 Turns and they are simply brilliant!

    I know that Nick Speed uses the 4000’s for his commercial work so they must be good for that too.

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    Kagger tnb. I wont be chucking far when using 4-5oz only use that much on the wye when its got a lot of water on!! I just want a few new reels that will cover all my feeder work from chucking 1oz feeder in Ireland to 4-5oz on the wye ive been using preston pxr power 500 but there starting to grind a bit now! ive tried daiwa tdms 4000 but felt they were not man enough for bigger feeder and they wobble a bit on the retrieve let me know how you get on with the new tdrs mate as it looks like its going to be them or caldias I purchase. Alibongo you have pm mate regarding tidal trent. thanks lads.



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