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    Luke Bamford 167lb of peg 51 Bonsia won.
    Grant Allbutt 2nd

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    is he any relation to the bamford who won partridge

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    well done chucky!

    luke nearly won the lakeview fisho back in april.

    with how he draws im not suprised hes finally done it!

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    Grant was second with 149lb 14oz Laurels lake 4 and then 2 more anglers with 110lb steve Open shaw was one of the anglers

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    @wayne2009 wrote:

    is he any relation to the bamford who won partridge

    I believe they are father and son ~clap

    …but I could be wrong ~think

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    Well done Luke. Top class young angler who,s been taking venues apart for a few years now. He has some interesting feeding approaches that work and that includes at Cudmore. He will be very difficult to beat if he is on a few fish in the final!

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    TF_carpless 1

    well done luke great result ~clap ~clap ~clap ~clap

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    bonsai,, what a lake that is,,got to be the best in the uk in my opinion,, well done to that luke fella too!

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    Baz Walters

    Well done Lukey ~clap all on my rod!!!

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    Baz Walters

    @Snooty Fox wrote:

    @wayne2009 wrote:

    is he any relation to the bamford who won partridge

    I believe they are father and son ~clap

    …but I could be wrong ~think

    No not related.

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    Well done Luke,go & finish the job now mate.~clap ~clap ~clap

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    @Baz Walters wrote:

    Well done Lukey ~clap all on my rod!!!

    Bout time that rod saw some action 🙂

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    Baz Walters

    @bremes wrote:

    @Baz Walters wrote:

    Well done Lukey ~clap all on my rod!!!

    Bout time that rod saw some action 🙂

    Cheeky sod!!!!! if that wasnt bad enough he caught them on my method feeders aswell~clap

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    Prob caught em on my corn lol,he still owes me a tin lol…

    If he wins it mothercare’s shares will go up 50% pmsl

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    no relation to the earlier winner I don’t think

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    Well done Luke..~clap ~clap ~clap


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    well done to luke. awesome angler he’ll be a tuff one to beat .moneys on you mate~clap hopeing you win perhaps then you can buy a new pole. Its like one big rap lol

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    TF_carpless 1

    i agree with you there lee if the fish are there he will be hard to beat as for the wraps i thought he had one done after winning every match because no one can brake there pole in that many places lol

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    Yesterday was my 1st trip to lindholme and i must say that’s a cracking fishery you have Neil, shame it’s so far from where i live. I drew a good peg on laurels and had a good day’s sport catching F1s shallow. Neil could you build a fishery in east anglia??

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    Well done Luke, this has been on the cards for some time.
    All the best in the final

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    Cheers Tim ,i would like to think all anglers had a good day and caught some fish ,the funny thing is i was a little disapointed with a couple of lakes ie the oasis for one with only 20 anglers on i thought it would produce a 150lb weight but only managed 100lb
    I put my open on it yesterday with 19 fishing and it was won by Matt Pilley with 149lb john allerton was second with 139lb and then 131lb 3rd .
    Funny how when it is important to fish good it just does not happen .
    The strip is another 88lb won fisho match on there the vets was on there tuesday and had 103lb,i have around 2000lb of fish in my stock pond and was going to fill it in with them before the match but has it fished so good over the weekend and then Tuesday i did not bother .
    The beeches again this year is not really producing big weights ,just consistant average weights ,(but it will next ).
    Any way thanks to all that came and paid there money ,i do genuinly try to make it a fair match and if i am lucky enought to get one next year you will all not be dissapointed

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    Fair play Neil you run a great fishery.

    Wednesday was my 3rd visit and 60lb was my lowest weight so far. You always get a days fishing at Lindholme. It’s refreshing to have a fishery boss who really thinks about the pegging to even it out on a big match.

    It really does put to shame some of the Hell holes we have to endure during the Fisho campaign……..just wish it was closer to me.

    Can’t wait to get back.~clap ~clap

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    It was my first trip to Lindholme and I was very impressed with the fishery when I walked around with Dave Roberts.

    The staff were helpful and friendly as were the local anglers I spoke to.

    Shaun Cameron was good enough to tell me I’d have caught more further out after he 2oz’d me ~sick, however we had a good days fishing and I learnt a few things so it was well worth the 280 mile trip each way, (the food and drink in the Red Lion were spot on).

    I’m seriously considering the festival at the end of the month however I’m having trouble convincing the wife it would be worth a weeks holiday ~think

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    Hi you would be most welcome on the festival .
    It is on the 26th July and we have 37 booked on so far ,however i am expecting 50 plus .
    Has last year it is a 5 day festival and is £120 for the week this includes quality food on the evening free of charge .
    The menu is
    Monday rib eye steak ,chips and salad
    Tuesday is pork steaks and new potatoes
    weds is a chilli night or home made pie chips and peas
    Thuirsday is chicken cock it up or something like that
    Friday is a seafood banquet crab ,lobster,prawns,mussels and other delis

    The pools on the day is only £15 plus a optional £5 ,we also do a £500 golden peg free of charge and camping and caravan is allowed on site .
    Be nice to see you fishing the festival it is easy money has my regulars are not up to much .


    Just to clarify the dates are
    26th ,27th.28th.29th. and 30th of july

    It is again supported by Garbolino and there will be a top of the range pole to the winner and around £2000,£1500.£1000,£500
    the top 5 will get supporting prizes .

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    Nice to see someone who cares about his fishery and customers, well done neil.

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    best venue in the country by far ! top bloke cant belive he dosnt get the support he deserves on his opens!! if it was 50 mile further north every match would be 50+ pegger

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