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    When it is raining – do or don’t?

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    dont let the rain come into the decision I have caught in a festival at stafford moor where it rained that hard you couldnt see the far bank never mind my float! Amazing that the fish can even detect a pellet has gone in. To get an idea of how much it rained the whole complex came up by 5″ during the match!!

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    Fishing shallow is still good in the rain. Temperature and air pressure are the main factors behind the depth at which the fish hold themselves in the water column.

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    I have caught shallow plenty of times during heavy downpours.and caught extra shallow 3-6 inches deep in storms that have raged all day.
    what i find works best is keeping the noise of bait localised by using bigger baits that make a louder sound on the surface to differ from the constant sound of rain hitting the water.and have used balls of paste the size of a golf ball fished just under the surface before now. and fed 10–11mm pellets over the top.

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    Your post just reminded me TW that I won a match once fishing paste in 10 foot of water at depth. I had one fish, a big double take the paste as soon as I cupped in, I thought I had foul hooked it as the float just ripped off sideways but it was fair and square in the top lip.
    It was foul wet weather at the time too..

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