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      Corndawg moderator

      Sorry fellas’,

      But by offering to make copies of the final for sale,is breach of copyright,and could land you in serious trouble………

      To prevent this,I have removed the thread.

      If you want to talk business,I suggest you all contact each other via email.

      I didn’t want to pull it,but the consequences are too severe for it to be left to run….


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      TF_Dave Pellet

      fair enough

      how about Sky producing them instead then?

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      Fair enough oh Corndawgish one…

      But if a fiver of mine accidentally falls into an envelope and some how ends up at a certain pastemans house then Im not to blame PMSL…

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      Corndawg moderator


      It’s up to them mate,after all,they hold the rights toit,along with Matchroom…..


      In the event of such a HYPERTHETICAL scenario arising,I am sure the outcome would be one you would approve…….


      save yer money,because none of the techniques they use at Hayfield will work at Tylers,and there is no chance of them holding a qualifier……. LOL

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      It’s been all over these sites in previous years Si & nobody had a problem with it. I am pretty sure that even Fblues posted on a couple of threads on the subject.

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      Corndawg moderator

      I know it’s been all over the site in the past Bc.

      I have emailed Gareth about it,and if he says leave them,I will re-activate the threads….

      After all,it is his neck on the block just as much as the person making the offers…….

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      O.K thanks Si.

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      TF_The Ginger magician

      ok now we have got that out of the way whos going to sell me a copy lol

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      well nothing was said when i bought mine of this site last year cant see any problems …………..

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      paste man what is your email? #:)

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      Just playing devils advocate here, have any laws changed since last year? I seem to recall a very lengthy thread on here where people were getting copies of the final? Why this stance now?

      People, email each other about getting a copy, just dont mention “costs” on a public forum.

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      My only comments on this type of post is be VERY careful. It IS breach of copyright, no ‘legal’ copies are ever available, even I can’t get one! Recording TV programmes has always been illegal, even for personal use, in theory, with the exception of SkyPlus, which actually retains the recording within the Sky system.

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      Corndawg moderator

      Sorry chaps……

      Looks like this subject is taboo from now on………


      Thank you for clarifying the situation…..

      I appreciate it.


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      “Recording TV programmes has always been illegal, even for personal use” – Tosh! Its perfectly legal to record a copyrighted TV broadcast for personal use to enable it to be watched at a more convenient time (time-shifting). Sky or no Sky.

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      Scoop, I apologise, you are correct as regards to personal viewing, however it all depends on the interpretation of personal use and I was specifically referring to the original thread which is about DISTRIBUTING recordings of a copyright broadcast.

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