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    tickets went on sale today.ive gone for 4 tickets how many have others gone for and whats the chances of getting one as this is the first time ive entered.cheers lee

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    Gone for 14, normally do 16 but 1 is when I’m at White Acres, 1 on a Sunday and I’ve a Maver Match This ticket! You’ve a decent chance of getting 1 or 2, more so if 1 of your choices is Lindholme!

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    7 for me

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    I have thought about going for a few tickets this (i got three last year)
    drama is
    if i am lucky to get tickets by the time i have paid for um drove to the venue paid my pools and drew a crap peg think of the money i have wasted
    and with the possibity of me going canada for six weeks when the final is on even if i was to get through i wouldnt be able to fish the final any way

    however might have a go at the maver match this due to the final date and waste my money there this year lol

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