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    Hi all would appreciate some feedback if you got a copy of the book.
    cheers Dean

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    Hi Mate,

    I got a copy the other day and meant to save it for my two weeks off over xmas.

    A ‘quick look’ turned into 40 pages.

    It’s brilliant. Really funny.

    Reminds me so much of what match fishing used to be like, and I can remember reading the classic column first time round.

    When you think about it, it’s amazing its taken so long for this book to be published.

    It’s genius.

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    Just getting settled in to book Dean and thought i was crapity smackin bad drawer.  😀

    Loads of local anglers gettin a mention.  😎 Assume Roger ‘The Walker’ is Roger Baker. who is also known in these parts as….. Ian Heaps’ love child  😀

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    Is the book called The best of Barlow, just need to know so I can send the link to my wife for Xmas pressie

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    Yes mate The best of Barlow

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    Bought it for my dad for xmas, have had a good peek through, and brilliant! It stirred up memories of going match fishing with my dad in the late 80s early 90s

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    got the book a couple of weeks ago read it in 2 days!! just couldnt put it down it was fantastic im still going back to it now to read some of my favourite reports. i really wish i had met frank some of the stuff he put in there had me doubled over. fantastic read from a very fun bloke i loved the stories about frank the bailiff ,get the worm on kid, brilliant


    lee green

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    I think I have a copy put away for crimbo so cannot wait to read it on Xmas Day. I hope there are the stories about ‘Yellow Wellies’ as he used to have me in stitches in his weekly column in the Mail.

    Will add my thoughts on Boxing Day Dean

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    it takes me back to when i was fishing the trent and severn and all the parrot cages and long walks to find you had a 5 yard swim or no water to fish in it did not seem so bad when it also happend to frank all the time. abriliant realy funny read it should be in every anglers christmass stocking brilliant

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    Well done
    Everything plus much more than expected.
    The trials n tribulations of the man with the van with anyone prepared to ponce a lift for the price of a £1 bet in the van 😎 sweep. ( bets even taken on motor even getting to!) 😮
    Long walks with a few bites if you were lucky and even luckier if you happened to draw on a few fish and earn a brown envelope……afterwards the money would end up spent in pub behind the bar!!!. 😮

    This book its not about bagging up with the latest tackle and must ave magical baits….no its about travelling the length n breadth of the country fishing different venues and having the banter with the guys pegged around you..most of who you wouldnt know from adam. ..forging life long freindships and fond memories. HAPPY DAYZZZ! 🙂
    Go buy the book cos it really has something for everyone…and a reet giggle 😀

    Best wishes to ALL and be sure to ave a gud’un 😉

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    Havent seen one yet, but I do remember him writing in the angling times, should be a brilliant read

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    Hi Dean

    Have only read first 2 chapters so far and he has had me in stitches already reading about bad draws and long walks to ceespits. Can I just ask in anticipation, does he mention ‘yellow wellies’ as the stories about him were an absolute scream back then?

    Well worth 20 quid ( I dont buy many books….)

    My friend is asking if the book is/will be available on the Amazon Kindle?

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    Dean ,
    Was lucky enough to get your dads book for xmas from my lovely wife , ” Superb ” only a few pages left to read , was around and fishing matches at the time , brought back some lovely memories , you must be very very proud , wishing you and all your family all the very best for the new year

    Gaz s

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    Thanks for your kind comments guys really appreciate it

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