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    A container of good looking maggot , young stuff , fat ., black spot has been spotted on the banks of the River Wye . Source is a shop in Bilston . Also some quality stuff has come from Mal Storeys in Kidderminster . Anyone found this increasingly rare animal for sale .?? 😮

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    Must have escaped!!!!!!

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    picked my maggot up from stalybridge angling today nice and fresh as it is every week 😀

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    Glad some anglers are still valued . Down here the breeders obviously overdone it and there is a backlog of crap . Signs of improvement I think . 😮 Alan Stephens of Alcester Tackle is very kindly hand delivering some very special 2015 newborns . 😀 😀 😀 on Sunday .

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    Yes suprisingly enough some fresh stuff spotted around here as well…… did we manage to shame a few…..doubt it..

    Even one local shop ran out of bait such was the stampede to the river or pond after the festivities…….never have a bite on a sprout though!!

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    Hurry up the warmer months we can get some road kill down the garden . 😀 😀 😀

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    You can still get a few good hookers at this time of year, just dig under a few Country Pancakes, nice and warm under there, dont’t have to wait for the “kills”

    Even the bottom of my bait bag has a few……. clean up your gear time I reckon….

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    still chuckle to myself now over something that happened 30 years ago,i used to do 2 lots of gozzers every week during the warmer weather 1 white and 1 with rodamine.2 doors up my near neighbours bought a pedigree alsation pup,i came home from work one day and found my gozzer tins in the garden lids off meat day i see the neighbour walking the alsation puppy with a new bright red fur all around its nose and face just chuckled and said nothing. 😀

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    Love it , what a chuckle . From a moaning post comes a good laugh . 😀 Breeding your own is not for the faint hearted is it ? 😮

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    if you got it right with the amount of feed there wasnt much wastage and horrible smell but when ever i used chicken it tested the nostrils a bit 😀

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    The trick when your intentions is to just get some nice ones for the hook was to scrape and ditch the fly eggs that you thought tooo many . This would then leave enough chicken or pigs heart for what was left to get fat on . If you let the flies run riot you got too many maggots and not enough food but some superb tiny pinkies . Smelly old buisness but needs must . 😀

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    Any one tried BEAVER ,now that will catch .

    But put a clip on ya snifta !! 🙂

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    “Any one tried BEAVER ,now that will catch .
    But put a clip on ya snifta” !!

    Plenty of that near us matey, but even the fish turn away from it, do you scrape them off or pick them off on the morning of the match?

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    Make sure that when start to collect your bait from that beaver carcass you have a full ebola suit on and you should be safe 😀

    Just in case take a friend with you .that would be a fisherman’s friend as they will keep your breath fresh 🙂

    Forget the worms for now. 😮

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