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    TF_Big Finn

    Check out the link, maybe a bargin for someone. The seller is selling 2 995’s

    ~think ~think

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    Hope they don`t belong to a certain angler who lost a couple not so long back..darent say no more

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    TF_Big Finn

    i thought the same Kev. they were only listed yesterday!!!


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    Just found out my m8s bid on 1 of them and he`s tried to retract bid but been told that its under 12 hours now and his bid stands…….also he wanted to bid £500 but has fat fingers nad pressed £600………what can he do as there not responding to emails

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    TF_Big Finn

    If he’s emailed he seller asking to cancell his bids there is nothing else he can do.

    I dont think he will get it at that price anyway Kev

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