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    Hi All,

    I know this is a long shot but does anybody have a Garbolino G995 for sale?

    I broke my No6 and No7 at the weekend and am struggling to find replacements for them. The No6 has been repaired once already and now needs a repair lower down the section.

    If anybody has a pole without tops or a No6 and No7 they wish to sell please let me know.


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    Im after the same, my G995 is like Triggers broom 😀 You know that all other G series will fit??

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    I think my mate is still selling one, its in good order with a repair on the 14.5m section and about 5 top kits. He was looking for £500 if its of interest to anyone ?? cheers

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    Im aware the G series fit but I dont want to affect the balance of the pole with a cheaper grade carbon.

    I am interested in the G995 thats for sale, can you or your pal PM me all the details.

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    I’ll see him at work tonight and get some more details for you and send you his number, cheers.

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    Thanks for that mate.

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    If for any reason you don’t have this, I would be interested.

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