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    Cream of notts uni

    Looking for a new pole, how do the following compare:

    Gmax 700
    Super G8
    super g9
    super g10

    is the step up in price worth it at each level at 14.5 and 16m?

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    would be good for one of the garbolino lads opinions but, mine is. at 13mtr there all the same from what ive felt. very impressed with the gmax 700 tho. at 14 mtr the g8 wobbles abit more than the others, at 16mtr the g10 (i have a g10) an g9 seem to be on par with each other. only had the gmax up to 14mt so cant comment but if i had a limited amount of cash id go for the gmax 700.. although the newer poles are due out soon..

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    Not used the Gmax or G9, so would be unfair to comment. Super G10 is the most rigid and stiffest pole I have held (not held any flagship poles in the past year), and to be fair is too rigid hence why it feels heavy (due to laws of physics and inertia). Super G8 is not as rigid, but is still very stiff indeed and because it is not as rigid, feels nicer balanced.

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    I have the g10 ,g8 and the new gmax 600 and gmax 700 and gmax 800 in stock at the moment.
    I am selling the g8 on a special deal to clear pm for a special package price also the superg power on a special price to clear.

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    neil you still doin that deal where you can try before you but…so to speak..?

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    Yes not a problem all the poles after this Friday will be in stock and all the new rods will be in stock to try.

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    i own a g10 i also have had ago with a g8 and a g9 and the gmax 700 not much in them up to 13mtr the gmax and g8 are not quite as stiff the gmax is a bit more floppy in the strike than the g8. but compared to the g10 and g9 there are not as stiff at longer lenghts . the g10 and g9 up to 13mtr hardly any diffence but at 14.5 and 16 the g10 is a stiffer in the strike and bit better to handle at 16mtr and 18mtr

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    TF_Big Gaz

    it will be interesting to see how the gmax 800 shapes up, as I understand this is supposed to be a replacement for the G9. There is a gmax 1000 but this is only available in europe and not UK.

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    big gaz not correct the gmax 8oo is to replace the g8 not g9 the g9 is still a current model for 2010 so is the g10.

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    ther you go then… anyone wanting to try a garbolino pole, be it for the day or just at full length rather than just in a shop pole alley neils offers is fantastic. an im sure he will have some great deals on..:)

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    Having had a series of Garbos, I’ve moved from a SL to a G8 and put them up side by side in the garden. I was a little nonplussed with the performance of the G8, to be honest. It was virtually identical in the droop test when placed on rests with either an empty top kit, an elasticated kit or a loaded potting kit. I held it before buying and thought it felt great, but now I’ve got it home, it feels the same. Accepted, it has a much better package then the SL (no real advantage unless you’re after extra top kits) and the finish on the bigger sections is a huge improvement, but recovery time, weight and balance don’t seem to have changed despite the longer sections.

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    I have to admit I was not overly impressed with the G8. I really don’t think it’s any better than my Superlegion which I’m still using! Spares package isn’t so good for me on the G8 – too many match kits which I wouldn’t want (or need)

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    buy british get a tricast

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    TF_Big Gaz

    Neil G,

    You are correct Gmax800 replaces G8, not the G9


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    I personaly think the package with the g8 is a bargin at £1100 delivered only 3 left

    A whole lot of pole with a huge Package:
    – 16.4m Pole (including standard top 3 kit).
    – 2 x Standard top 4 kits
    – 2 x Standard top 3 kits
    – 2 x Power top 2 kits
    – 2 x Short power 4 sections
    – 1 x Extendable cupping kit and cups.
    – Super G Light Holdall

    Full RRP including all extras – £2415

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    only 2 g8 left for those that have pm me.

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    that is a VERY good price, Neil. There should be someone that would be interested, I’m sure.

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    The GMAX 1000 is available here – I’ve just bought a G10 off someone who was buying one.

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    I can testify to a good price and service with Neil at Lindholme Lakes, v pleased with my G60 thanks

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    I have had a Gmax700 and now have a Super G10, imho i think the G10 absolutely wets all over the Gmax700 in terms of strength, stiffness and responsivness especially at lengths over 13mtr. I only used my Gmax700 once and sold it, thought it felt very brittle, just my opinion of course. Out of the Garbos you have mentioned only one winner in my opinion and thats the G10. ~clap

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    According to Darren Cox in an article in Match fishing magazine the Gmax800 is a replacement of the G10, in his words it’s just as good as the G10 and the Gmax1000 is a totally different pole. I know it doesn’t make sense as there is £600 price differnce but thats what he said.

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