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    went out got this pole 2day hap it up next ta the pro garbo g10 maver 371 best of the lot put a toss pot filled with mud on each 2gten best at 16 g10 close all tested with macth kit and pot on

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    interesting, i thought it would be same as the maver them being the same pole n all??!!

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    are you pos about that the g10 is lighter then the maver on paper no 5 on tne g10 felt stronger 2

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    just thought that the top end reglass model was either given a preston sticker or maver then sold as totally diferent poles? ive not compared them mate so you know more than me, just thought id pass on what ive heard/read etc.

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    TF_Baz the Beast

    Reglass only manufacture the poles,
    Prestons set the specifications for their poles and Maver set the specs for their’s,
    Same way that Trabocco sets his own specifications.

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    i bought one in march had a no 5 break first session,not on fish it just fell off, but hope was a faulty section or damaged in transit been fine since, touch wood, had a few tons on it since, beginning to get a bit more confidence with it, got a good deal with pole i thought, striker kit to 8m and 4 short 4’s, 3 x short stop and 3 pm top2 plus 1 x match top 4 which hasnt been used yet, prefer the power match 2 for the fishing i do with 14 latex @ moment, holdall was crap lol.

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    There is some logic in what Budnudd said.

    I just bought a trabucco no 5 for the new toop range pole and it fitted my n47 like a glove..same code on pole section and markings except for the maver name…

    was much cheaper also..

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    would that apply to all the genis poles i just got a g81 what is that comparable too

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