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    I am fishing there this Friday on a corporate day.
    What are these pools like?and does anyone know the baits and methods at the moment?

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    I am also on a corporate day(pump) there friday, so any advice wud be great.

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    Is pump 4 or 5? or is it a differant pool?

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    Roy did a feature in Augusts MF on pool 4 if memory serves. His basic approach was to feed heavily with GB and 2mm pellets and dead reds short for everything.
    I would not argue with this approach.
    I fish pool 3 a lot as most of the other lakes are matched up and this year has been very good. My approach is 8mm pellets long on bomb and wag and some days I have had 50 plus lumps and they run 9lb each in lake 3 on average. I have also caught shallow at 11m when there is a ripple on, if its flat calm this does not work so well. Short has also been very good especially late on.
    However two things, its now approaching autumn and its definitely slowed a bit, also don’t get hung up on one approach, every day is different and you need to have a number of options.
    I have struggled this year on JPZ for some reason, they were great last year, don’t know why. If there is one bait I never go without its green swim stim they love the stuff pellets and GB.
    In my opinion this fishery is the best in the UK so enjoy your day, fish sensibly and you are sure to leave with a smile on your face even if you don’t pick up a brown envolope.

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    4&5 are strip lakes single bank fishing ranging from 25m wide up to 45m
    7foot at the deepest.
    Feeder, corn at 5m and Groundbait in the margins all score well.

    Get yourself on the Glebe and Mallory Park Fisheries Facebook page, it has all the match results and photos of the weigh sheets so you can see what pegs have been producing.

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    JohnH – Top information as usual mate, thanks alot.
    Glebe1 – Great mate, cheers for that.

    Ps – dont tell that other geezer who came on asking questions, he may be on the same match! 😮

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    Can you guys give us some feedback please on how your day went?

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    John i will do it it the morning for you as im knackered now.

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    I know the feeling Paddy! I had to pack up early one day as I was worn out!

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    The top 3 weights all came off pool 4.
    1st Gary Creswell – 176lb
    2nd Peter Jukes – 164lb
    3rd Melv Dyke – 112lb i think it was.

    Gary, Peter and Melv all caught on corn both out and in the inside lines, whilst both Gary and Pete were both penalised for overstepping the 100lb net limit.
    Gary actually caught in the order of 250lb and Peter in the order of 180lb if memory serves me correctly.
    The top weights off pool 4 where yours truly with 94lb and the 2nd weight was 89lb and 84lb 3rd.
    Most of the fish on pool 4 were caoght on the feeder at range either on corn, pellet and maggot, whilst the margins late on where fantastic on the pole.

    The reduction in points did not matter in the end as the top weights were well in front of the rest of the field and it was good to see that there was no complaining – everyone new the rule and extra nets were there to be had if needed.

    Now for the thanks bit – a big shout and appreciation goes to STuart and Grundfoss for organising and sponsoring the day, cheers it was fantastic.
    Secondly a big thankyou to Roy Marlow and the Glebe for a brilliant days fishing. Everything goes like clock work, and thats testament to how well the place is run, cheers thank you very much.

    I think Jukesy summed it up in the car on the way home, he said “probably one of, or the best day that ive ever had”

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    Thanks paddy glad you enjoyed your day, I am in no doubt that Roy’s fishery is the best there is, bagged up again today on pool 3 all shallow as there was a ripple on.

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