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    How do you use your ground bait? When, Where and Why? is the question.
    Its just a general interest as I have my own thoughts on GB and tend not to like inert ground baits in a lot of situations.
    This is mainly down to trial and error I have realised over the years, as no one has ever really explained why, when and where to me.

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    Normally mix groundbait the night before when feeder fishing/method for carp and bream,so all the particles have absorbed water,and to stop particles drifting off and rising midwater and drawing fish away from the main feed area.
    use a more active/sometimes mix for small fish to draw them in from a wider area

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    I used an active type GB last week on a still water and wandered if an inert type one would have been better, given that most fish were on the deck? which got me thinking, what do other people do at this time of year? do you change GB’s dependant on the seasons?
    I think you could.

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    I love fishing for roach in the winter and often use chopped worm in conjunction with this I tend to use bags of old worm casts you can get from Willey Worms.
    Sometimes add a small amount of inert GB and some leam as well, with some bloodworm flavour seems to really attract the roach but the bream etc don’t seem so keen.
    Feed neat chopped worm over the top my go to method for big roach on the still waters I fish.

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