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    Fishing a place where groundbaits banned but pellets are allowed, there using method with micros and no doubt dusting them off before they get to the bank. But what a stupid rule I mean whats the difference between using a kilo of micros and a kilo of groundbait ?

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    TF_andy cranes mate

    Do you have to buy the pellets from there?

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    Its probably not the Kilo of ground bait that is the problem, its the anglers that turn up and dump 10 Kilo of Ground bait (Spod Mix) into the lake that is the problem. Hi amounts of UN eaten ground bait rotting on the bottom of the lake will give a very big nutrient spike which often leads to high levels of Algae Growth.

    Its also easier to ban a products use rather than limit its use because some people cannot be trusted to stay within the rules.


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    Ok. So what about uneaten pellets then? Isnt a pellet just formed groundbait?

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    Thanks for replies, no its not fishery own pellets, just a strange rule, i mean some of the pellets i have used this year fully break down within 5 mins as Gnome says there just compressed groundbait. You can use paste too the mind boggles !!!!!

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    I fished Meadow View fishery on Sunday for the 1st time in a long time. I,ve never fished it much even though its one of my closest fisheries. Reason being the crazy rules and stupid bans. No ground bait or aditives of any kind are allowed. No paste. No hair rigs. You can only use the fisheries own feed pellets and fisheries hookers and they are really crap. Method feeders are bait bands are now allowed but thats new for the fishery. Only baits allowed are maggots, 1K of worms, meat and corn plus the fisheries own crap pellets. Such a shame becaue the fishery has so much potential and is a lovely place to spend the day.

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