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        Here it is!
        Yawn…. Got back last night about 1:00 pm thanks for the lift Quambo. An eventful week lots of species caught and specimin fish all round. Weather not great tueday and Wednesday but cheered up Wednesday pm for the rest of the week. Tides were HW 8am – 8pm ish, but we were not prepared for the size or speed of rise and fall of tides 10 meters is a lot of water to gain or lose. Can only fish Half up and a quarter down as they say in Guernsey, Shonzy brought some great rag and peeler and we top up with local sandeels and Scallop frills. Communications problems all round cos of bruddy Frog networks. Food was excellent all round, cheap and great quality, we didn’t drink a great deal cos the early morning and late evening tides meant we had to stay alert to fish. Guernsey is alovely island with a fantastic variety of marks, beach – bass – rough ground and pure rough gruond marks and throwing up large fish close in, however some like St. Martins popint require a level of fitness to both get to and get back up, 390 near vertical steps and slippery rock Hopping when you get there, we all fished it but I very nearly dropped dead getting back up! (fat git)
        Quambo snores dreadfully, and I resorted to the old ‘Allo Allo’ trick of stuffing Brie in my ears, he also crap at taking directions whe driving so many a turning was missed during the week, however you are never more than ten minutes from anywhere so are soon back on track. Greenman, no one fell out at all, in fact we all left better fiends than when we arrived, I would certainly do it again in fact we are considering an itinery for September this year and perhaps a different venue for next year watch this space.
        Posted on 20.05.07 at 11:41

        (No longer on my own, trying to catch Sole in Sussex.) The fish??????

        Posted on 20.05.07 at 11:52

        Pizza OK Greenman, I’ll try to answer some of your ?????? Everything from rockling to basking sharks!!
        Rock marks, which produce spider crabs alongside wrasse. Piers with mackerel, garfish and wrasse. Harbour/marina marks with mullet and beach marks clean and some less so with mullet, bass and eels!!
        We all caught something at some time during the week but 5 days isn’t long enough to do justice to the place. The locals were fun to talk to and informative, BIG THANKS to those on here who helped us.
        Outside of the fishing, what a spectacular island, Oh! and the women!! When are we going back??

        Posted on 20.05.07 at 15:08

        shonzy No 2 well it was a good trip!!! im not gonna go into detail think i’ll leave that too Quambo,n4lly and me bro. but good bunch of ppl to go with aswell. the highlite of the week must ave been quambo comming bak from the toilet on the way over proper GREEN sitting bak down for a 2min breather then bak cubicle 3 lol
        Posted on 20.05.07 at 15:43

        (It’s not true. I’m not a Russian, I’m not even in a hurry.) :0)

        Posted on 20.05.07 at 17:33

        (no longer firing blanks) Park on the pier at St. Petersport walk up the pier 32 mins drop a worm bait on a 1/0
        within Half Hour rewarded with wrasse of 3lbs and 3lbs and 4lbs and thats just me. Pollack to float fished rag? v.good fishun.
        P.S. Shonzy no 2 won the species hunted and controversially landed a 6lbs+ wrasse on Qwambos rod.
        Qwambo in well trmmed bush scandal…….
        Posted on 20.05.07 at 18:33

        (Nor-folkun-good) When I recover from this trip the truth will come out.

        I’m still knackered.
        Posted on 20.05.07 at 19:48

        (It’s not true. I’m not a Russian, I’m not even in a hurry.) I’m still knackered, day one, the walk down was not too bad….

        V nice sport, i got the first fish of the trip, Wrase on the float ;0)
        Posted on 20.05.07 at 19:57

        (It’s not true. I’m not a Russian, I’m not even in a hurry.) I like this pic’, the Schonz on that first mark, St. Martins point


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