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    I recently purchased the new Guru Punch Box, the idea seemed good and as I do use the punch thought I would indulge and purchase one.
    Now before I bitch I must say other Guru brand kit seems pretty good but my gripe is who designed the punches that come with the set.
    I mean come on the quality is so poor they resemble something out of a Christmas Cracker the Chinese junk machine must be in overdrive.
    When you compare them to my old Drennan punches they are dire so basically it’s a case of sling the punches keep my old ones and I’ve paid the money for a plastic box.
    So before anyone else wastes money if you really want one open the packet and assess the contents if your happy with the quality go ahead and buy as you can guess I didn’t before buying lesson learnt.

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    The price of it put me off to start with. 😡

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    Couldn’t agree more. On this occasion complete waste of money…………(IMO of course !)

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    Are you really worried about the build quality of a set of punches?

    It’s not exactly life or death is it?

    People use allsorts for punches, bits of old pole sections etc. They’ve got to be better than that.

    I’ve got one of those boxes, and it looks OK to me.

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    Ive got a Tuppaware container…..looks even better !

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    I’ve just had a brilliant idea FOR SALE

    Guru Bread Punches
    Immaculate condition
    Never been used
    One careful owner
    Made in China

    £10.00 ONO Part of Set No Longer Required

    Sky Hooks, Tartan Paint, Skirting Board Ladders & Choclate Kettle and other pointless rubbish also available lol.

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    Would be very interesting to know if any member of the Guru team use these items and if so,why?

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    Nice one steve that just about sums it up lol.
    On the other hand they could create a whole article for pole fishing mag based around this wonderful new must-have bit of kit 🙂

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    I fish the old bread now and again, used to use telescoped bits of carbon and had my slice of bread sitting in a pint Drennan bait box, on more times than I care to remember I’ve gone to rebait only to find the lot had been blown off my side tray.
    I’ve got the new Guru box and I’m very happy with it, it’s sturdily made and heavy enough not to be blown off your tray, 4 good sized punches that have a much sharper edge than my carbon jobbies,plunger that’s free moving. I really can’t see how people can complain about them, no different to any of the other Guru stuff I’ve bought, does what it says on the tin.

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    Dam just brought one

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    Aagree with Glebe 1, very practical and imo, the punches are better than most. They cut bread discs nicely and you can a load of discs with the chosen diameter cylinder and store them in tinfoil and then keep in the tray before match whistle, imo. OK its cold at the moment but was doing this some weeks back and found a few days earlier batch of bread discs was in similar good nick to a fresh made batch with slices cut on side tray.

    A worthwhile bit of kit which gets a regular use so therefore a fair price when this considered, imo. No more carrying around bloody cassette cases and various diff size/brand punches either.

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    lucky me i got two for xmas. have used it a number of times now can’t fault it. used the guru ones for catching bream and my homemade punchs. for everything else. used the old image punch board before. i think the guru one works for me.

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    No complaints here, I’ve only had mine a couple of weeks,its very sturdy and the punches are sharp enough also if you have lots to punch out it works a dream.

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    Guys cmon……its a PLASTIC BOX for keeping a slice of bread.
    I don’t mind spending money on tackle, but this item is a joke.
    If one of the BRANDED (you know who I mean) manufacturers brought out a plastic bag that keeps bread dried….would you buy it ?.
    Probably yes !!!

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