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    Anyone give us any info on this fishery got a club match on it next week were on Merlin cheers

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    hi Tony,look for the shallowest water across and fish maggot and groundbait! if like myself last week on peg 14 I unfortunatly had 3 feet across and had too many liners (I fished balls of g/bait and dead maggot)
    After an hour I only had 2 carp in the net so fished down the track on meat and hemp which produced another 8 carp but I had to wait for bites..
    I fed g/bait and maggot down the edge in 3 foot and had 2 barbel and 4 more carp in the last hour..
    I weighed 45lb for 4th in the open which was won with about 65lb (the winner had shallow water!)
    I had to feed quite heavy in order to get bites (half a big pot every fish) the pegs with the gaps in the islands are difficult to beat and are the flyers.
    Hope this helps


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    Cheers lpete never seen fished the place,how far across are the gaps in the island can you reach with pole or tip ? :confused:

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    Merlins is a canal style water with about 50 pegs,roughly 24 on each side and two pegs on each end, there are two gaps/channels, pegs 9 and 10 are on each corner of the first gap then pegs 16 and 17 are on the second gap! I don’t know the peg numbers on the other side? All pegs are 15 or 16m wide!to fish into the channel pegs you will need a tip rod!

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    Cheers Pete again

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