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    3rd April 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Leegem Rd 4
    Moat (60 Pegs)
    • S Robbins, Hallcroft
    Outer 24
    The carp switched on for this latest Leegem weights with top 2 anglers breaking the ton. Steve Robbins fished waggler with banded pellet to the aerator for 20 carp to 12lb
    • P Miles, Doncaster
    Island 14
    Pete Miles alternated waggler and bomb with pellet for his 24 carp and 136lb
    • S Twigg, Leegem
    Outer 6
    There was a tie for 3rd place with both angler having 80-2-0
    • W Lomas, Leegem
    Island 17
    • P Wright, Leegem
    Island 11

    2nd April 2016 Saturday Open Match
    Moat Pool – 18 pegs
    • J Barningham, Fantackle Tastic
    Out 20
    With the carp still reluctant to feed it was the skimmers that dominated the catches for this saturday field. John fished long pole with pellet for skimmers to 2lb
    • S Clark, Mansfield
    Island 56
    Steve Clark fished maggots and worms on long pole for skimmers and roach and 2nd place
    • B Conry, Hallcroft
    Outer 25
    Barry Conry fished waggler shallow for 5 carp and a few skimmers
    • D Oldham, Maltby
    Outer 30
    • A Lakey, Gateford
    Outer 16

    1st April 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
    Moat (18 Pegs)
    • C Greenside, Dynamite
    Moat Out 6
    Chris Greenside won this first afternoon open from end peg 6 on moat outer. Chris fished corn and pellet down the margins for carp to 6lb
    • D Oldham, Maltby
    Moat Isl 73
    Daz Oldham fished bomb and pellet and corn down the edge for carp to 9lb
    • G Shaw, Maltby
    Moat Out 22
    Graham Shaw also used pellet to good effect catching carp to 10lb
    • A Berisford, Leegem
    Moat isl 68
    • A Lakey, Gateford
    Moat Isl 64

    31st March 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets
    Bridge/Croft (37 Pegs)
    • A Sellars, R and R Sports
    Croft 4
    Andy Sellars won this close contest from croft peg 4. He fished waggler shallow with banded pellet for 8 carp to 10lb
    • I Donaldson, Notts
    Br Out 55
    Ian Donaldson fished long pole with pellet and corn to the marginal reeds for carp ranging from 1lb to 5lb
    • R Toulson, Notts
    Br Out 8
    Roy Toulson alternated waggler with pellet and bomb with pellet for carp into double figures
    • D Whiting, Buttonhole AC
    Croft 6
    • P Schoof, Hallcroft
    Croft 23

    28th March 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Bank Holiday
    Moat/Bridge (23 Pegs)
    • P Miles, Doncaster
    Br Isl 16
    Bridge Pool was the place to draw for this bank holiday monday match. Pete Miles fished caster over groundbait for 60lb of skimmers and 4 carp
    • N Hirst, Ackworth
    Br Out 17
    Nail opted to fish a small pva bag with 6mm pellets for 12 carp and a few skimmers
    • R Teigh, Handsworth
    Br Isl 21
    Rich Teigh fished pellet long for 45lb of skimmers and 3 carp
    • S Clark, Mansfield
    Br Isl 24
    • J Hobson, Sheffield
    Moat 25

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