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        Good evening, I have just been fishing at Haslar sea wall. I go most weeks and enjoy the convienience of fishing from the back of the car. The Local Policeman stopped and told me that the Commanding Officer of Haslar is not prepared to pay for the continual cleaning up of the wall and is fed up with the complains he receives because of fishing line and hooks that are discarded. The final straw was when some bright spark had a bar-b-q on the tarmac and melted a hole in it. There is a notice in Daves Tackle shop which confirms this. R.I.P one of the last decent fishing spots in Gosport.

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          Very sad , if true.

          One of the few places locally that has good access for the disabled

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            Fight it, you have a right, so go for it.

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              Only way to fight is to make sure the area is kept clean

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                It does not surprise me in the slightest, anglers leave the place like a pigsty and it not just the odd one, the MOD own the road so have every right to close it.

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                  always nice in poole/bournemouth and chesil so i cant complain 😀

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                    Minnow, is that just the area in front of the immigration detention centre or does it include the area towards Fort Monckton?

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                      Just had another thought being a peesimist!!! haslar hospital is closing and will probably be sold to become luxury apartments ( same as the Marine barracks at Eastney) I wonder if its all to make sure that the road can be used as access for the new residents! or to enable that piece of land to be sold off as well? after all where else can you buy a bit of sea frontage like that?!!

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                        My original thought until the policeman explained why the C.O was concidering shutting the road off. I guess it will be the detention center road that is shut. Shouldn’t we be trying to clean the place up so we don’tlose another place to fish that us older people can reach easily

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                          I went down to the wall this evening with the dog and there were no signs up (or any evidence of there having been up) and there were LOADS of people fishing.

                          I wonder if this was just a warning????

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                            There is going to be another inspection very shortly by the C.O. He was upset that some one did a no2 behind the wall next to Dolphin. If the sea wall is not kept clean we can say goodbye to it.

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                              I took my wife to Southsea today to watch the Blues Festival, South Parade was a complete disgrace and I picked up about 300 yards of discarded mono of about 30lb breaking strain and we wonder where the snags come from. After The loutish lot at the last Juniors days and the mess I saw today I don’t think I’ll bother again, bloody shame.

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                              Rock Roy

                                If it is true it is a shame, I have fished there a number of times,I can not remember ever blanking there.Sometimes when I arrive at a venue my heart sinks when I see the ammount of rubbish left behind.You Know its anglers because of the Packets of ammo frozen bait wrapers.

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