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    Firstly this is not a scam please read on !!

    My name is Peter Mclaughlin i am the secretary of Maghull & Lydiate Angling Club based in merseyside copy and paste this link into your browser to our website

    The club is run for predominantly disabled anglers we do have senior and junior members who we are encouraging into the sport.

    Unfortunately during the bad weather in December/January our fish stocks where depleted.We have today had a survey and netting done to assertain stock levels and to our amazement we had less than 600 fish in our water of approx 1 acre, the biggest being around 2.5lb, the fish we lost and this is just the carp where between 2lb and 18lb and we lost in the region of 180 – 200 fish this count didnt include silvers.

    The club is a none profit making organisation with minimal funds at our disposal and we desparately need to restock or the club will fold as you can appreciate neither myself nor the members want this to happen.
    We are currently trying to raise some funds to re stock with race nights etc but we are also asking local buisness’s to donate.
    Here is where i hope you guy’s come in we would greatly appreciate any donations of a monetry value no matter how small to help us or any business that donates even if its something we could raffle off we would greatly appreciate i will open a page on the website and list all the buisness’s that have donated to help our cause as a way of some sort of advetising and thanking them.
    This can be done via a paypal donation to or by the way of a cheque made payable to maghull & lydiate ac this way it has got to be paid into the club’s account.Anyone wanting to donate somethig we could raffle or send a chq please send me a pm and i will give them my address and paypal details.

    I know this is a big ask but anything would help i dont want to let these lads down they have fished all their lives so if you could it would be appreciated.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this

    paypal payments to [email protected]

    regards pete (madmackie)

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    disabled anglers need help. if every TF member gave £1 it could give them a good start

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    thanks sam anything would help really it would be appreciated

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    I’d be more than happy to give the first quid,in fact put me down for £5 mate, must have took some guts puttin this thread on, all I can say is sorry to hear what’s happened but good luck and good on ya Pete, top man.

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    I’ll be happy to put a £1 in.

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    thanks guys

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    Posting a cheque for £5.00 this afternoon Pete. Hope you get the donations you need mate. Craig

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    cheers mate

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    Peter (Madm) – I have moved this thread to the main board as i think you may get a better response on here rather than the buys and sells section.
    I’m sorry to here about the fish losses and charity does start at home mate, so on that basis, there is a note in my wallet with your clubs name on it. Does your post have an address where i can send it? If not pm me an address and i will put it in the post to you.
    Come on lads – A quid aint alot and not alot of people in our sport go out there way like this bloke and club to help disabled people.
    Give them a quid i say.

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    TF_Baz the Beast

    Have the club contacted the EA for their help and addvice,
    As quite often they do have rescue fish that they can help out with,
    And as the saying goes those that dont ask dont get,
    It is deffinatley worth asking for a cause like this.

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    hello matey…are you a reg charity if so you can apply for lotto funding.

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    not a registered charity so no lotto funding thats why im asking for help cheers

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    Thanks for all donations upto now we will have received a total of £37 after some chqs arrive its all appreciated

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    bttt thanks lads but we need more help sorry to sound like oliver twist

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    £5.00 sent via paypal Good luck

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    thanks for your donation

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    I don’t think you need to be a registered charity to apply for lottery funding. My local club got lottery funding to put in disabled paths etc to improve access to their fishery.

    I am not sure how often he comes on the site, but if you send a message to “JohnH” he should be able to give you some info on how to go about this.

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    BUMPING, C’mon guys donate.

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    Thanks we really do need it !!

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    Realy sorry to read that your club pools have suffered due to prolonged ice.
    Did you read the warnings? I posted on here the danger of not breaking ice, i also posted on MFS, and i also did a press release to Angling Times and all the magazines, this was last year when we had 5 weeks of ice, and i also posted on all the forums again this year after a week of ice warning of the dangers of not breaking the ice.
    I have 10 ponds here over 30 acres, and broke my ice every other day for 7 weeks, admittitley i have a JCB, and it only took me an hour to do it, around 10 big holes in each pool, and also kept the fountain running in the big lake (25 acres).
    I posted as i dont want to hear these stories!

    I am genuinely sorry, i am not trying to tell you to bolt the door now the horse has bolted, as you are obviously disappointed and trying your best to rebuild the fishery.

    To start with, get it Limed, (now, 6 bags or hydrated lime per acre)and then fertilised, get a ton of rotted cow much in there per acre (once the water gets to 15), and the growth of the remaining fish will be huge.

    The fish will breed, and with your numbers low, the fry with thrive, your not going to restock with £37, but it will buy some lime, and youll get some muck for free.

    I have just matched your collection so far, and sent you £37, so at least your fund is now doubled, good luck, Nigel.~clap

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    Nigel thanks for your donation of £37 it has doubled our donations from the forum so far some of our member tonight have donated in the region of £250 so hopefully we can reach the target of around £1000 thanks again

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    Mackie take Nigel’s advice though. He knows a thing or two about running fisheries. Good luck.

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    Thanks NW.

    I think tere wil be a few clubs that have a shock when they start fishing again, and they find there are no fish!

    Peter, get that liming done as soon as you can, it will help disolve those dead fish on the bottom, and it wants doing a few weeks before restocking. Then fertilize May time, loads of farmers are clearing there sheds around now though, so a good time for some free muck, i have a big pile still from last year, i just flagged a tractor driver down and gave him £20 for 3 full loads.
    I also use super phosphate weekly, 10lb per acre 0.40.0, it creates algae, which is the start of the food chain, and you pools will be full of Daphnia by June!

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    Bumping. Come on everybody let’s help a worthwhile cause.

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    Our members have up to now donated around £250 we are waiting to hear from various buisness’s and the lads off the forum have kndly donated £79 with the help of nigel from Barston Lakes who doubled our initial £37 we have had 895 views if every person had gave £1 we would have reached our target in less than a week.

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    bump up

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    hiya mackie, sorry to hear this pal,

    just sent you a tenner through paypal dude, every little helps!!!!

    just a quick note that i dont believe has been mentioned!!!
    if anyone is sending funds through paypal,, click the personal tab and send the money as a gift,
    this way, mackie wont have to pay paypal fee’s on the money you send him!!!
    shouldn’t be a too much on the odd £1 or £5 or what ever but upto or over £1000 then it well be a fair few quid!!!
    when buying and selling, people insist on sending money as goods, cos this way you can dispute a transaction, and freeze funds if the deal goes the way of the paer, where as you cannot if you send it as a gift!!!!
    but to be fair i cant see people wanting to open a dispute over the odd fiver and its for a good cause!!!!
    good luck with it mackie,, keep us all informed on how the club is getting on !!!!

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    just posted the link on a few other forums!
    may help a bit !

    oh, and thumbs up to nigel for the info and donation, and to everyone else,, top stuff,
    this is what forums should be all about !
    ~clap ~clap ~clap ~clap ~clap ~clap

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    Thanks Leaky we have had donations from two forums totaling £89 thanks guys

    We are currently locating siltex which is similar to lime which Nigel has said could work better so we are on with it cheers again Nigel

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    Thanks LL, pleased to help.
    Hi Pete.
    I did recommend you used Hydrated lime before restocking, but agriculture lime or Siltex will be less dangerous to any existing fish if you have already starting restocking.
    I just found the AJS fisheries link who supply siltex for you.

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    Hi Nigel these are the people i have been in touch with just waiting for conformation from united utilities to allow us to put it in im going to push again on monday hopefully they are going to supply it thanks all again

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    We have now collected from the forum’s a total of £94 thanks lads

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    Just added a tenner via paypal, good luck getting things sorted.

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    thanks mike

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    Just an update lads we have now collected £104 if everyone who has viewed this post had donated £1 we would have reached our target thanks to all who have donated.Its even been in the angling times but unfortunately no one has contacted me if anyone else can please help it would be appreciated thanks again

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    We are still looking for help lads we havent had anymore donations even after it being in the angling times we really do need your help thanks pete

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    Hi Mackie, did you get the liming done in late Feb like i told you?
    I did all mine early March, and it is settling well now, my matches are being won with 70 to 90lb of skimmers, and 850lb of carp won a carp match today (48 hours) so the fish haven’t bothered about me putting 100 bags in, i was worried it may affect it for a month but it hasn’t.
    Assuming you have, those dead fish will be rotting away well now, and the lime will release the nutrients in them, and in the silt, witch will in turn break down slowly.
    Wait another 2 weeks before starting Fertilizing, i was tempted to start this week as the water has hit 15 degrees, but the longer between liming and startng fertilizing the better.
    The remaining fish will spawn around the 1st of June, and with the water management you have started, you will have a full fry survival, as starting the fertilizer 1st of May, by the 1st of June the water will hit 20, and the daphnia will be thriving on the muck (ton per acre per week or 10lb of super phosphate), and as the fry hatch there will be plenty of zooplankton and then daphnia for your fry survival.
    The fry will thrive, your lake will be green, and as your adult fish numbers are low, your fry will survive well, and your recovery will be imence, in a couple of years you will be trying to give fish away!
    good luck, Nigel.

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    Hi Nigel
    Yes the liming was done 4 weeks ago ( we used hydrated lime and not siltex )and the water is sort of an aqua marine colour will start the rest of the work in the next couple of weeks thanks again for your help.The donations from the forums topped at £104 i think in total with club members etc we have around £550 so another £450 and we will have reached the target to be able to put a decent stock in so fingers crossed

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    Good, you need 4 weeks between the 2 jobs.
    25 Kg Triple Super Phosphate Fertilizer on ebay is only £24 + PP.

    There’s enough there for 5 weeks, at £30 thats only £6 a 10lb per acre.
    (do it double the first week or two)

    I buy in bulk at £500 a ton, if you want that deal though you need to buy 10 ton to get the haulage right, i order grass fertilizer for the golf club so i just add the amount of super phosphate i need for the year to the order.

    Cow or horse muck is the same, and free, but messy, and you can chuck it in, but dont chuck fertilizer in, place it on a slab just under the water and let the water dilute it and erode it away.
    The lime needs to lay on the silt to eat it, but if you let the fert go onto the silt, you will be feeding the silt and not the water, so let the water absorb it, it will go green when the zooplaknkon kicks in. (18 degrees, so another 2 weeks minimum, may be a few weeks yet)

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