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    Hi All

    I have recently purchased a new pole. I am going to elasticate the top kits and want to ensure they are all the same length and then trim the cupping kit down to match. In order for the top kits to be the same length I will need to ensure all the ptfe internal bushes are the same size.

    My lightest elastic is a white hydro and the strongest is a purple hydro, therefore all the bushes will need to be fairly large to ensure smooth running of the purple hydro, however I am yet to start elasticating because the bushes look to large for the white hydro. Is this an issue? Can an internal bush be too big? It just didn’t seem right when I looked at the diameter of the white hydro and the diameter of the bush.

    What has everyone else done in these circumstances?

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    pick your largest elastic, cut back tip so it fits. cut all other kits to this same length. job done

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    Hi Tim

    Thanks for the reply. This is what I was going to do, but as my post explains my concern is with using the same size bush diameter for a strong elastic and a light elastic, there almost looks as thou there is too much room in the bush with the lighter elastic and wondered if this was actually a problem?

    I have seen some people use a smaller bush inside a larger one and wondered if this was absolutely necessary?


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    Drennan do internal bushes that have the same external diameter but have different bore diameters.

    Your other option is to have some made to fit.

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    Brilliant! Thanks Mike, I will check them out.

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    buy a BROWNING pole it is already done for you !!!!

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