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      Hi all,

      I have a club match here tomorrow. Has anyone fished it recently or in the winter before? Can anyone shed any light on current winning methods, baits, winning weights, species, size of fish, etc please?

      All I have gleaned so far is after the first frost it is a maggot feeder job for carp. Would you risk fishing a tiny method feeder as it warms up later in the day?

      Would a pole line be a viable option? At what distances and how would you fish it? Pinging a few 4mms, potting micros, caster, maggot, corn? Would you risk some groundbait on a pole line? We have had a few frosts this week, and I understand it will be a cold northerly wind tomorrow, but I’m not sure if it’s time to fish full on winter tactics yet!

      Thanks in advance.


      PS – AndyG are you on the Tots match tomorrow or back on Winter League duty? Cheers.

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      Andy G

      How did you get on? No fishing for me this weekend.

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      Hi Andy, I had an enjoyable days fishing although I didn’t come anywhere. It was a cracking little venue and the carp were in lovely condition.

      Pre draw there were a million carp crashing on the surface in the middle pegs (pegs 5&6 in our match). We were all surprised as it was bitterly cold & frosty on arrival.

      Started on the maggot feeder and had one carp in 30 mins so came on the pole where I had been pinging 4mm hards. I had a decent couple of hours on this catching steadily. Decided to feed a bit more aggressively and ruined my peg. They came up & went scatty, ad I had a terrible final 90 mins. Ended up with 56 lb for nowhere.

      Paul Bennet won it on the method to an island with 133lb. Andy Aston was 2nd with 109lb ish from peg 6, and Nick Pringle had 96lb ish from end peg 7. Hugh had 76lb from peg 4. So it fished fairly well, but there were only 8 of us on it!

      Are you doing the Lizard open next week? I don’t think I can get on it.

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      Andy G

      It’s sold out. I’m booked on, hopefully I will be able to fish. Should be some Saturday silvers only matches there as well. Much, much better matches than the sunday ones.

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