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    TF_andy clark

    im planning on buying a garbolino gmax 600 this week,ive been off the match scene for a few years…where im buying it from has said i can have whatever top kits i want,power light or competition light,i plan on buying 2 extra top kits main target species will be silver fish with maybe a few days on mixed commercials for match size carp,im not going to be hauling huge weights of carp week in week out.
    can someone explain the difference between power lights and competion lights,because from what i can make out the new power lights are alot lighter than my old power kits on my super legion (now sold 😡 )
    also the competition lights are they lighter than the old match kits???and what elastic rating are they rated to
    now i also see that garbolino do a match light long top 3,is this just a competion light witha no 3 section???
    what im getting at i suppose is if the power lights are light enough would i be best getting all of these or would it be best to get 4 competition lights for the majority of my silver fish fishing and 2 power lights for occasional commercial work.
    sorry for being a simpleton,i just thought you guys would be able to advise.
    thx for reading


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    Hi matey the garbo tops are different these days the match.kits are like power kits no number1 section ať all just top 2 s
    The comp kits are ideál for up to 12 elastics any heavier i would go ro power light kits they also do a match light which is slightly dearer than the comp kits.samé strenght 12 elastics rateing but they will feel moře responsive on the strike and make the.pole better balqnced.but if your not to bothered by that I would go for the comp kits for your silvers and just get couple power lights for carping .both kits are same length so can cut them. Back the same lenght

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    TF_andy clark

    thx for the reply

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