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    Ever so critical of recent events regarding commercials I think I may have an idea . Let’s have concrete banks and a 2 ft ledge to prevent gardening ! Partition off each peg underwater and have exactly the same amount of fish in each swim ! Only allow a handful of bait , ALL the same at the owners discretion. And with huge integrity regards the price !! Of course ? Weigh in every fish as you catch him . IMO there are a some out there that would like that . You lot that talk crap about over feeding are failed towpath teds who never won a bean and thought Dave Berrows fed a thimbleful of joker . Take up pleasure fishing and do what you like . Don’t set up pheasant shoots and ban guns ??? 😀 😀 😀 😮

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    No one fancy that idea ?

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    Not for me, but like quite a few women, it might look more attractive at 23:28pm on a friday night 😉

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    Ban all bait except for one loaf of bread each . Suit me .

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    i think some one needs to go see a doctor and get an arctic full of anti depresents

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    Probably should say nothing on any forum about carp matchfishing as I haven’t been doing that stuff for over a year or more . Not so much depressed any more just putting my opinion over and as usual going off the point and getting controversial . You on the other hand feel the need to get personal ! No need for that shit I’m too old . Just like in politics you cannot agree with everyone . Many matchmen out there would love to enter into some stuff I write but cannot for fear of getting banned . My feelings on bait bans are well documented and will not change . My chosen venues these days have no bait limits . No carp , mostly . 🙂

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    Every venue has there little covern of old witches,they dont go for the matchfishing,more to sit on their peg shouting ‘youve cast too far ‘ , you aint got enough line above your float, etc etc,,then go back for a beer only to slag off the winners and their methods,the lakes would be a nicer place without them,,we gotta keep dreaming i suppose ……….

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    Unfortunately this set up would be a non starter as it would be impossible to have the same amount of fish in every peg….Unless you cut their fins off!

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    surely it would also take away the tactical ability to feed to entice your next competitors fish to your own peg? :confused:

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    It was a sinical idea based on what might be the outcome if the ban it brigade keep going in one direction . There are people out there IMO that think that to be the epitome of fairness and skill . IE same bait , same amount of fish , all shoulder to shoulder . Crap post anyway . Kick it into touch and have a good one this weekend . PS don’t forget your sunblock. :rolleyes:

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    “Sunblock” is banned up near us……

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