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    Hi who’s doing hollow elastics below 6 but not diawa !

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    Think Middy do one, hard to beat the J range which is 3-6.

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    Steve Maher Aquaflow 5-7

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    Im trying a few hollows for silvers at the moment and the yellow hydro is performing best

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    Vespe pink for skimmers

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    TF_back shot

    I’m using the new blue Preston 8 hollow, caught fish from 2oz to 7lb with a 0.8 hook lenth today. It very soft and you won’t bump any fish, only problem is the price.

    It the dogs danglers !!

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    tacklenets new 2core hollow colour teal 5-8 from e-bay £5.99

    that includes P&P

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    been useing the 2core teale 5/8 for skimmers and find it nice and soft like fred said only £5.99 including post bargain.

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    Check out the new vespe 1.5mm hollow

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    Try nick Gilbert’s hollow core elastic. Spot on stuff and he will let you order it to the exact length you need for you top kit so there no wastage

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    Preston slip doubled up in either 4 or 5. Great for silvers and you will get winter carp out on balanced gear. Save your cash instead of hollow and do more than one kit for the same cash!

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    Been using the 2 core teal as well it’s very good especially for the money, have also been using the Middy 1-5 this is really soft and fantastic for silvers from eye’s & xxxxholes upto 4-5lb, and this is my main elastic for roach dominated matches.

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    solid 3/4/5 or whatever the lightest hollow available on the market is, bumped a roach on middy 1-5 last winter blanked and cost me mega team points

    cheers mikestrutter

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    I’ve been using the blue Preston hollow set very soft fishing for small skimmers but I’m talking about catching 10lb plus on an easy pond it don’t matter if you bump one or two I think if your like Mike and one fish matters then use something like solid Preston no 2

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    There’s 2 different 1-5 Middy elastics & they’re both green coloured, easily mixed up.

    Micro-Shock Elastic 0.8mm diameter, fish size 2oz to 2lb. For Silverfish.

    Micro Shock Core Elastic 1.25mm diameter, fish size 2oz to 3lb. For Silverfish & F1s. This has only been out a couple of months, unlike the above it’s a hollow (the older one has different core & outer layer materials but isn’t a hollow). I’ve been using this one in the autumn for decent roach, averaging 6oz with bonus fish 1lb-ish & just started using it for F1s & skimmers.

    There’s also a conventional solid, which is also bright green & is rated 3-4.

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