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    Just a quick question, which hooks do most use for fishing the method with maggot hook bait? I fish commercials for match carp & sometimes slightly larger.
    I’d use Tubertini 175’s but they seem to get blunt using maggot! Is it me?
    Regards Peter.

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    Guru QM1s

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    Colmic nuclear 501

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    like circle method hooks except for dead mag since the effectiveness of the circle surely is ‘tied’ to the hair presentation- which you’re not usually doing with one or two dead reds?
    therefore, b911’s or the guru p/wag hook or even lighter normal hooks seem more direct.

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    I tried QM1’s (size 16) & found difficulty in penetrating the maggot skin. I caught but again had trouble unhooking. I changed to a Drennan Wide Gape Specialist & they suited me fine, so i’ll stick with those. Thanks for the replies.
    Regards Peter.

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