How did one Bernie supporter see Biden now?

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      Chris Badillo, a first-time voter, lives in Florida and identifies it as a slotxo democratic and progressive socialist. He hopes the 2020 vote will be a turning point for the United States.

      “Joe Biden is not my number one choice in the main game. I’m a supporter of Bernie Sanders.I think Joe Biden’s policies and his campaign approach are not a representation of where we have to move the party or what young and progressive Democrats want the party. Our Representative: The proletariat’s party that truly proposes a policy that Will bring significant reforms

      […] I think this election in particular – no matter how much I talk about Joe Biden’s policies and the way I don’t think he represents the Democratic Party – even more so is the referendum. Trump’s I live in southern Florida where there is a large Hispanic community. We used to have a Homestead Detention Center, which is in my Congressional District.

      Just because we didn’t get the candidate we wanted initially, doesn’t mean we have to sit and wait four more years to be able to now […] We need to accept that reality and move on. With a grassroots movement that will transform that reality into the country we want.

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