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    Anyone got a link to Alan scotthorne’s video please

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    Try the link above, i hope its the correct one your after.

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    cheers i have that link but for some reason i cant view it…..wonder if its my computer,are you able to watch it

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    Mmmmm, no it aint working – leave it with me and i will speak to the old fella upstairs tomorrow.

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    ok thanks Paddy

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    any joy Paddy

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    I am on the case mate.
    I have tried to contact the Ayatolla, but i’m not sure if he is on holiday.
    I will try again as its not something that i can rectify off the mod or admin nobs and switches.

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    Hi All
    The reason the link wont work is because when originally posted on the Coarse Fishing website it was a free sample for 1 month following that it was only available on their premium pay per view site so I am presuming that is why the link will not work
    Keep posting
    Keep smiling

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    its on online fishing tv mate

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    Hi Squatboy
    Thanks for that
    There can be some interesting little video’s that change every month

    Keep posting
    Keep smiling

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