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    im fishing a small pool this weekend 12 pegs max
    its full of of carp and tench
    carp go to 6lb
    but its full of small mirrors and commons going to 8oz
    just would like to know best way of fishing it

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    feed pellets-3mm
    small bits of paste
    4mm expanders
    1/2 red magg
    see which one works best
    then stick to it

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    I wouldn’t fish it, I would go to a proper match and venue like the one at the Suffolk Water Park 🙂

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    daddy mo

    isnt that messy chopping a red maggot in half why not just fish a red pinkie

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    get yourself 4 pints of maggots and just fish your top 3.
    Start an inch off bottom and work your way up in the water, fishing double maggot on the hook and feeding 8/10 maggots every 20 seconds.
    You will be doing a wieght of the smaller carp but you’ll be suprised as to how many bigger carp move in.
    4 pints of maggots will cost you about 7 quid, but compare that to the price of pellets, expanders, corn, paste etc its probably cheaper.
    If the fish are in a feeding mood you’ll have a bite a chuck, if you are struggling on maggots the chances are all other baits wont work either.
    good luck

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    Mooreys advice seems spot on try along as its not stocked with loads of shit fishe.g tiny silvers,Try introducing a small ball of pellet based GB at the start..stockies love it..!

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