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    Hi ppl jist a quick question.. I recently started using the inline feeder but seem to lose fish seconds after
    Hookin alot id say 8 outta ten fish lost.. Using size 20 barbless any help be great

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    Could be several reasons, likely hook too small for the fish you target, rod too strong & pulling the hook, if you using braid main line…try mono, certainly up the hook size.

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    Two more points to add, if allowed by the fishery use elasticated, it certainly helps hook pulls, secondly wait for the bite to develop, literally they should be pulling the tip right around almost dragging the rod in. Check out the Guru web site there is a video clip from Steve Ringer which I am sure you will find helpful.

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    Ok i shall try changin hooks but the waitin till my rod is bent over is what I was doing eventually cause I was gettin fed up of losing them.. But yet they seemed to bounce off once a few seconds of fightin. Could ot have anything to do with method weight? As I tried from 10 – 30 gram with same results 🙁 I shall watch the vid thanks 🙂

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    Hook patterns are important too, I don’t follow fashion with QM1 as I have had too many problems with these on the lead, bouncing out, they are great though for margin pole work for lumps or with elasticated method . Check out the Drennan carbon feeder barbless in 16 and 18 they are simply the best for me.

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    Why are u using a 20 hook if ya fishing for carp? Minimum id fish with a method is a drennan carp feeder pattern size 16

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    TF_caught any mate

    it could be the hook is opening on the first run,then closing once the fish has been bumped.
    i ve had similar problems guru p/w hooks.either go up a size or change to a x-strong pattern.

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    if the fish are coming off soon after hooking them.they are probably foul hooked.
    this could be due to have too short a hooklength,so the fish are feeding too close to the feeder,which can happen,so they are not taking the hookbait properly.4 inches is the ideal length.
    you can use small hooks 18-16 on the method with baits such as single or double maggot,or 4-6mm pellet on the hook.

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