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    Right who insures there gear properly and had tried and tested claims?

    Just been told by direct line on my renewal phone call that they wont insure my gear anymore. This came after me having to name any item over £1500….

    so I told them about my pole and questioned this 1500 thing saying my gear was worth a few quid but only one item is over 1500 and thats my competition pole they said do you enter competitions then , i replied yes that what mainly do. They then asked is it my main income I replied “I wish! not a prayer!” they then came back saying they wouldnt cover any of it because i entered comnpetitions and that is classed as business as im trying to gain money….

    Anyway long and short of it I have done my nut and im leaving them the minute i find an alternative.

    Any recommendations?

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    Heard some good things from a freind of mine about Norwich Union
    He’s had a couple of claims aswell!!

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    I also had knocked back on a genuine claim. so time to dip hand in pocket and get a new one.. It would be very interesting to know just how many have claimed for know good reason and got away with it, i know numerous people that have top flight poles based on an accident in the sink on old pole sections. I have lost a number 6 section on a, quote from preston,,,a very old pole, a cm80, (2.5yrs old)i wont be buying from preston again

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    had a quote from tescos a while back for house insurance.
    was pretty cheap them i mentioned my fishing tackle, after going though it all they wanted a stupid amount for the year.

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    Inc with my house insurance with Direct line. I have also had 2 claims after 2 break ins, but they have been fantastic.
    I did have to spend the whole of the last claim on new doors, windows, alarm, gates and dogs!
    It was there demand on improvments, exept the dogs.

    But i am much more secure now.

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    bigroach i think that Tesco insurance is underwritten by direct line.

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    Sounds familiar 🙁

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    Dont the coop still do tackle insurance best firm i ever used not to mention the head man of the coop was a harden match angler too no quibbles

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