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    TF_chubby chubber

    right fellas could do with some advice/help lately ive been using these hooks 18-22s size and ive had some decent days fishing caster on the canal over a super cup/brown crum mix another bit of advice off here [smiley=tiphat.gif]
    cheers .but ive been getting a few decent perch in the mix any where from .5lb-1.5lb and when ive netted them ive noticed that next few fish ive been bumping them :-/.on inspection ive noticed that the hook as been blunt so ive changed hook lengths but i really would like`something that stays alot sharper longer is there such a hook in existance or do i have to take it on the chin and carry on [smiley=thumbsup.gif] any help appreciated

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    Where perch are the target/bonus about 10yrs ago I was given some VMC 9032 these are fine wire extremely sharp, and stay sharp, they take some abuse before blunting.

    They are available in silver or black have a micro barb. The last lot I got were from Fishermans friend, I still use them now when barbed hooks are allowed, especially in winter using size 16/18 for feeder work and sizes 20/22/24 for float work.

    Going to find out if the 9033 barbless are the same pattern :confused: and if still available will be replacing the barbed with barbless this winter.

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    i used to use preston PR25s for canal work, tiny bit tougher and similar shape to your b511, have a rummage and try if you can find any.

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    TF_chubby chubber

    cheers fellas will do but the first hook mentioned what make are they pls :confused:

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    @chubby chubber wrote:

    cheers fellas will do but the first hook mentioned what make are they pls :confused:

    VMC, old school hooks, by, err, VMC, there’ll be some out there somewhere.

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