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    Nice words from Keith in today’s AT about Jimmy.

    He was a lovely bloke with a cracking sense of humour, who was hard to beat in every match he fished.

    I’ll miss him, as will everybody who fished with and against him in Norfolk.

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    Karl, I have not heard, are you saying the legendary Jim Randall has passed away mate?

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    Yes I’m afraid he has passed away Swimfeeder.

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    I have not read Keith’s article, in fact I have not purchased any angling mags or papers for a couple of years, if someone could find Keith article and post a link on here I would be grateful.

    Yeah, spot on Karl, Jimmy will be greatly missed,I said a few years ago on here, I have never met an angler that has won more matches than Jim, and I still cannot think of another one,even though I have met/ fished against most of the greats, and Jim was a truly great angler, he was a dry wit,and very, very likeable, I put him as my no1 choice to keep me company from the world of match angling, I loved all the stories he used to regularly bless us with, I could relate some on here but fear I could not do him justice.
    The most impressive thing about Jim though, was his perspective on life, he had that spot on and anyone that ever met him will know exactly what I mean, what a character, what an angler and what a man,

    RIP Jim.

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    Hi Bob,

    I gave my copy of that AT to the mechies at work. I’ll see if I can retrieve it but I fear it will be in file 13.

    It was JR’s funeral today. There were some lovely words spoken by his family, and it would be fair to say you could have made a winter leagues worth of top teams with the anglers present.

    Hope to see you on the 17th.

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