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        The Goverment has done it again.
        The Sports Council have withdrawn funding to the National Federation of Sea Anglers [NFSA] which will mean a 30% reduction in funding.
        Subscriptions will have to be increased or the NFSA will have to close.

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          The reason all minor sports (in their opinion)are having funding cut is to help pay for the London Olympics. Sport Scotland is also subsidising to help pay for the Olympics, which I find ridiculous and unfair; how will anyone outside of London benefit from it economically!?

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          Dick Melaney

            Don`t worry shaun, haggis tossing will be an olympic sport soon…

            And remember England has been subsidising scotland since Robert the Bruce……….

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              This isn’t a Scotland V’s England thing lads – more of, why should Anglers suffer because of an event in London, kinda moan…

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                this isn’t a kick Shaun type of thing!

                the last time Scotland got money i can remember several scottish team members getting thousands of pounds in grants. this was spent going fishing, i believe they even won medals gold if i’m right. so well done.

                what did grass root angling actually get out of that money. this probably applies to the other feds as well.

                no up turn in youths being inspired into angling!
                no repeat success!
                no facilities!
                no training by medal winning anglers.
                and still no fish, probably less.

                so why give money?

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                  the flip side to that is what ireland has achieved by taking a small bit of care and what America has achieved by taking a lot of care.

                  no one really gives a stuff about international teams are doing ( no disrespect meant to the few who do) but we all care how the fishing is suffering.

                  if this government was to take notice of these projects then we wouldn’t need to go abroad to catch quality fish. the money would stay in house to speak and more people would take to fishing as a hobby. how many anglers know people who have just given up because of the lack of fish.

                  then and only then would the bodies who dole out cash be interested in funding angling events.

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                    Is it not true that our national sea fishing teams hold and have won more medals than the olyimpic athlectic teams combined?
                    Our sea fishing teams hold more medals than any other.
                    So why are we not backed?

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                      We don’t get much return for the investment from the athletes…despite state of the art training facilities being built for them,they all go to a “nice climate” to do their training! .That is money lost to the economy..on top of that they still consistently under-perform!

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                        The nub is that Angling despite being practised by Huge numbers of people is still viewed as a fringe sport.
                        We moan about paying £25 for an annual license but will happily spend that on bait for a single session.
                        How the hell can you sell match fishing as a spectator sport?
                        Not Many blonde gods of the Rods around as role models, good grief Alan (Plug from bash street kids methinks) Yates would have kids hiding behind the sofa.
                        We have to Put Our money where our mouths are, you can’t on the one hand pay £800 for an nice new pair of custom built zippies and then moan about a realistic £100 quid license fee to fish.
                        If we were avid footy supporters we would be spending more than £50 per week to follow our teams, so as avid anglers £5 a week is not unrealistic to buy out the commercial quotas set up exclusion zones and extract realistic prommises from the government regards conservation and stock management.
                        I would probably fish less, but at least when I chose to fish I would in 5-10 years time have better sport than I have now.
                        Sorry for the ramble….

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                          Sorry, I meant to say £250 a year would have Ms Jowell & Mr Broon wetting their pants, if two million anglers coughed up we would have one hell of a stake in our fisheries, and people are generally more vociferous and less apathetic when they are not getting what they are paying for.
                          Put £500,000,000 in front of government and treasury and its ta ta commercials and netters and exclusion zone in uk waters all around, but if you want this then you have to pay for it.

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                            You’ve got a good point about there being no “Blonde Gods” in fishing,iowa!! but what about darts? they get plenty of TV coverage and they are’nt exactly getting the women throwing their knickers!!
                            I think that until we have a few high profile names taking up fishing we wont get any interest from the politicians.
                            Now,if we could get Mr a Mrs Beckham interested the labour party would probably make fishing compulsory in schools!!

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