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    If any1 has got a policy with these please check all the small print as i have just been refused a claim on the basis i had a ccj on my credit file from 6 years ago and didnt declare it i havnt been insured since i took the policy out 2 years ago even though they took my payments every month very very angry!!!!!! i now have to replace the items myself!!

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    Frickin’ outragous!
    Sound odd this but…
    Do Korda pay council Tax on their business premises?
    I was on a website called lawful rebellion (or TPCU) and they say that most councils have had ccj’s lodged against them; you can check each one on the net, it’s no secret.
    How would it be if we didn’t pay anyone who had ccj’s?
    You can bet your last penny that korda pay their council, ccj’s or not!
    Take it to the insurance ombudsmen. The state the country is in at the moment, those with ccj’s will soon be the majority. What will Korda do for customers then?
    Makes my blood boil; the little bloke has to take it up the Harris while big companies can do as they please.

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    Ask for your premium back, afterall they havent provided you with any cover.

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    i just hope nobody else gets treated this way they say there going to refund my premiums??? great deal of help that will be !!! just double check all the small print if you have a policy with them lads.

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    I think its poor mate that if you dont meet their crieria that they sell you the policy to start with, poor very poor in my opinion.

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    Those T&C’s are a bloody nightmare waiting to happen. The banks are using them now to get away with online fraud claims and you have more chance of getting a pint out of a norvener than you do getting your money back from the banks 😀

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    I can’t say I am surprised by this although someone did recommend Korda to me when I posted concerns about insurance companies a few weeks back.

    My cover was from those annoying prats with a Red telephone, promise all and deliver Zip, cost of cover for my gear was actually as much, if not more than my house insurance. When calling to enquire about a possible claim it was all difficult to say the least, and “we don’t know about that..err “NO you can’t”.

    Well stuff you we said and will take our business elswhere only to find out that the annoying RED TELEPHONE Prats had already ratted us to the rest of the insurance world !!!

    Previously they had taken my car insurance from my account some 6 months earlier then when going to tax the car no certificate, so called them “Who, no Records of you sir” you can imagine, took my money back

    I’ve been with a few “Big Brand” insureres all sharks, twisted and double dealing without exception, got a better deal from the small guy down the street, but you need to ask “what is and what is not covered”

    Since the floods in our area the service has become appauling think twice spend once and after you hand over your hard earned…cound your fingers !!

    What ever happened to that nice man from the Prudential that called at our house once a month, somehow we trusted him, not these faceless robbers.

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    If I was you I would lodge a complaint with them – if they dont refund your premiums then ask for a ‘letter of deadlock’ and state you are going to refer the matter to the Insurance Ombudsman, chances are they will probably deal with it rather than letter it go to that stage as they will have to pay a lump sum for the Ombudsman to review the claim.

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