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        Went out exploring near Havant/ Hayling and followed a little stream cum small river.
        It seemed to flow from the Havant direction and met the sea opposite some sort of cement / gravel works.
        The sides were quite steep and lined with concrete blocks, there was a public slipway and what looked like a country walk, to get to the slipway you had to negiociate some concrete blocks.
        Does anyone know if this is a decent place to fish ?
        We saw quite a few fish topping and at a guess id say they were mullet (only a guess tho)

        Anyone got any info on this place

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          Yes thats the one HA
          It just looked quite good !

          Any other places / suggestions of places like that near there greatly appreciated !

          Spent the afternoon on the beach at Hayling yesterday right by the lifeboat station for our usual !

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            Keep you comments about Leigh Park to yourself H.A. You probably know nothing about the people who live here and just going by the stereotyped image . I see that Hayling is a good place to be –

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              How do i get to the opposite bank from the boat slipway ?

              Like the other side of the aggregate unloading bay going towards the hayling bridge ?

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