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    your remarks on catching carp on cork ball on fly rod and floating baits

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    TF_Baz the Beast

    Just been told about it Steve,
    I said ( HE’S DOING WHAT ) and the answer came back ‘ Yeah Baz he’s useing a fly rod with a cork ball and bare hook and fireing out Dog biscits.

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    floating baits are banned i thought??? did what??? who,when?? in a festival?

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    Fished it for the first time on Sat, website says feeding floaters, elasticated feeders and braid hook lengths banned but when we get there he says they will be allowed, I really hate when fisheries change rules at the drop of a hat.

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    The manager of my local tackle shop has had his invite through for the tackle trade match at larford..He showed me the sheet with the rules of the fishery that were sent with it..On the sheet it stated that you could now feed and fish floating baits,use use the candle and fish elasticated method feeders..Cant remember whether it stated you could use braid hooklengths though.

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    TF_Baz the Beast

    Yes Braid is allso now allowed.

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    Kenny1 the website is run by someone else and communication channels can be a tad slow especially if someone is on holiday or has more pressing arrangements.

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    Do they just change the rules to up the weights on big matches ????????????? to entice us all there.

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    I’ve had to work hard to get the money together to fish the festival and afford all the bait but I feel cheated by the people using this and am thinking of not fishing the last two days certainly won’t go back while this is happening

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    daddy mo

    DONT blame u stav you entered this festival like all the other competitors thinking you will fish normal methods and baits does nfa rules state no arificial baits thought that was rules most matches are fished to and where does the rule you must have a float on the line come into it when fly fishing and i have heard that fish have been moved around to allow the 3 anglers fishing this method to be able to catch on all 3 lakes is this true

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    what the hell is going on this is a piss take surely???
    why have thw rules been changed anyhow? and so close to the festival.

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    Know for a fact the owner’s been catching big carp on a fly rod and cork ball. Looks like he’s changing the rules to suit himself.

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    The owner of Larford won his section on the match lake yesterday, with approximately 98 kilo’s, using this method.
    As far as I am concerned, fishing a piece of cork on your hook is lure fishing. Fish will get no nutritional value out of eating the cork, just like a pike would get no nutritional value out of a spoon, or a plug lure, thus it is a lure not a baited hook.

    I don’t think people should confuse or relate this method of fishing to using cork to pop up conventional baits. I would have no problems with the method, if there was conventional bait such as a pellet or a dog biscuit attached on the hair rig as well as the cork.

    As for the rule change’s, I’m know every angler who is taking part in the Larford festival this week, was sent a letter informing them of the rule changes a week or so before the festival started. I don’t think there should be any complaints about the rule changes, from those who are fishing the festival.

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    “the owner” Are you referring to Phil Briscoe?
    I and my partner have been fortunate enough to qualify for the maver pairs final at larford on the 18th august.
    I have never seen the place before so I printed the rules off from larford’s website to familiarise myself with them.
    After reading this post i now think i am having a stroke!

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    I was down there a couple of wk’s ago & saw somebody doing this on the match lake & thought they was just having a bit of fun, now i know they was practicing catching on it.
    Seem’s a piss take to me!

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    Won’t be going there ever again then, don’t get me wrong I like a bit of fly fishing (for trout that is) but c’mon cork balls and dog biscuits and candles, its all muppet fishing as far as I’m concerned. Don’t get me wrong Phil can do whatever he likes with his fishery he owns the place, but I won’t be back I’m sure there are quite a few open match anglers like me who will feel the same.

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    The new rules sent to us through the post said no floating baits allowed on the arena, half way through the festival he change the rule to allow them.
    The new rules only came in on monday so nobody had time to practice them and we,ve been told they will be banned again as from saturday as well as the bagging waggler method

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