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    Hi All just joined hope this is not a stupid question.
    Would it be possible to use 40lb braid without a shock leader 4 oz lead as the braid is thinner than mono thinking of using it Thanks 🙂

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    Hello Anyone out there :confused:

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    Hi Tomo. It does get lonely here I noticed.

    Anyhoo,the 40lb braid? What sort of fishing is it? I used to use some 50 lb braid conger fishing but it was mostly short distance casting and not a loaded pendulum cast. If its flicking a light 4oz lead a short distance on a sandy beach then it should be fine.The trouble with braid though is it tends to be less abrasion resistant than mono – so it’s not good for rocky beaches. HTH John

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    Hi John thanks for the reply yes i mainly use 4/5 oz leads casting about 80mts.Just thought it would save tying on a leader.and yes it is a lonely site lol

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    haha… i’m alone here!!

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