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    Corndawg moderator

    Sorry Chris,

    But I have had to edit your post,due to some of the content..

    So here it is,as I agree,it is a serious subject,which needs addressing……….

    Could anyone fishin the linconshire coast please leave the beach as they found it

    the litter this morning was a disgrace.

    Me and dudly picked up a load of line and wrappers as we left and dumped it in the bin at the point cafe, no excuse for leaving s**t all over the beach.

    one guy was askin for details of the skeggness club so he could contact them to sort the mess out of he will start a petition to bann anglers from the beach

    this is ONE venue we dont want to loose as it is some of the best smoothound shore fishing in the uk



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    For the benefit of the hard of hearing

    S**T = ****


    If you continue to act like that,I will de-activate your account………..

    You know the terms and conditions………


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    Knock ya self out spence!

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    Ooops!..Sorry Corndawg

    Think the beer got the better of me :o)

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    Lincolnshire carp….

    I wholeheartedly agree

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