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    Hi guys was just wondering why someone could be allowed to fish n win a match n then get disqualified at the end of the match surely this should have been sorted before the end of the match

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    Wot we he doing wrong

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    Went wading in his peg to clear some reads so he could fish to them yes it was a fishery rule but why wait until the end when the guy thought he’d qualified for the final…. some of the pegs need cleaning out it doesn’t do the fish any good

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    Why wait until the end? I don’t know, I wasn’t there.

    What I will say is that if you go to a commercial fishery and break the rules, you’ve only got yourself to blame if your disqualified, and its up to the fishery owner as to what vegetation is in his lake, and the state of his pegs, not Joe Blogs who turns up on the day.

    If you get to a peg and its unfishable, ask for another draw…

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    Robcal1 his peg did not need cleaning out he decided to cut a gap in the reeds to help gain a unfair advantage in order to do this he went wading see photos on fishery face book.Please get facts right before posting .Rule 4 on board in front of draw shop and cafe and 300 other anglers Neil

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    As Neil says, break the rules get disqualified simple as that. No defense or argument. It’s the individual anglers responsibility to make themselves familiar with the fishery rules. No one to blame but himself for getting disqualified.

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    The Angling Trust press release suggests he’s qualified for the final I’m not clear what’s happened here??

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    Sorry Neil but the facts seem to be that the winner cheated but was weighed to confirm his win then disqualified if I read this correctly.
    Not defending anyone but angling is the loser, I realise fishery owners can’t have eyes in the back of their heads but sort of sums up the struggle to professionalise this sport.

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    If the angler who was disqualified was asked to remove himself from the match for breaking the rules. The unfair advantage would then go to the anglers either side of the disqualied angler who would then have had more room to fish. Extra space between pegs is usually a very big advantage in events such as the fisho qalifiers. There has been several anglers who have qualified after ending up with lots of extra space because some anglers did not bother fishing after thinking they had drawn badly. This, gave a big advantage which ended in an angler qualifing from what would likely have been a difficult area to win from.

    It was correct to allow the angler in question to fish the match. Also, correct to allow the angler to weigh-in his fish. Any arguments about if the rules have been broken can then be looked at with all the facts taken into consideration. Could be that the angler did stay within the rules and evidence might be found to back that up. In which case. The angler in question would go though to the final. This would be impossible if the angler was refussed the chance to weigh all his fish-in.

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    As I understood it no complaint was registered until after the match anyway and it was then the officials consulted the fishery rules and found the guy had infact broken the rules of the fishery. Personally I think I would have checked that before I went wading into my peg to clear a hole in the reeds, daft thing is he could have done that from the bank as the reeds in question were just a couple of metres to his right and no more than a metre from the bank!!!

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