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    I’ve noticed Shimano do really long specialist feeder rods upto 17 foot long! I’ve heard they’re really valuable used on the severn to keep long hooklengths off the deck when casting for cagey barbel. Anyone know what they’re like to use for distance work? Thinking of getting one but do they buy the extra distance over and above a 13 or 14 footer? I remember an old Alan Scotthorne article where he was using 6000 baitrunners and I think 14 foot rods with braid for distance work and that bought him over 100yards. Do you have to be 25 stone to chuck with a 17 footer?!!!

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    I use a browning black viper 13 ft s seemed up with a 650 fbblack magic reel .they also do longer models 14 ft and 15 its but you.dont need them as the 13 ft is moře than cabable

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    Daiwa tournaments now up to 15ft dont need to say any more.

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    If they’ve stuck the tournament in the mix that does say it all. Might have to invest. Shame I aint got Daiwa money to wave though!! Cheers Carpa

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    12-14ft Medium Heavy Shimano Catana CX is all I use on the tidal trent with a 5000 rarenium. Regularly chucking upto 4oz over 80 turns and thats with out much effort. These rods wont break the bank.

    Some of the england feeder lads have had a look at mine and I believe have invested in them.

    They do a 15-17ft version which I intend to take a look at. If I do I will let you know my thoughts.

    IMO the Catana is the best feeder rod in the range for that kind of work!

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    hi alan,what kind of mainline and shock leader do you use mate .thanks.

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    Cheers Alibongo. Even the cheaper models and brands are made from surprisingly nice carbon these days. Especially when you put them up against rods we had no option but to use in the 80’s &90’s. Spoilt for choice and even if I had top of the range carbon the Bob Nudds of this world would still batter me with a bamboo cane from the next peg!!

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